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  1. I am pledging two Performers (at 5 SS each) and two mannequins (at 4 SS each) this month for a total of 18 SS. My plan is to pair a mannequin to a performer in terms of color scheme. I still need to come up with what those schemes will be, but I like the idea of two Performer / mannequin "teams"


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  2. @Franchute thanks for checking in! Unfortunately, I've been hit with a bit of a hobby slump this month. I just haven't been much interested in anything I've tried to paint, and generally feeling unmotivated. But here are some models that I have worked on to some degree or another in the past, hopefully I can finish off at least 15 SS worth!! I'd hate to use a mulligan!


    Here's to hoping a relatively uninspired month (for me) will leave me recharged for May.

    That said, I have really enjoyed everybody's posts for this month! I have looked at most of them, at least in passing, and as usual all of you guys put forth some really great stuff!! I am sorry for not being quite so engaged this time around. 

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  3. @Treehouse I had my concerns about the hair color of the second one. I did have a thought to change it completely, but the desire to just finish the project beat the desire to change the hair color. I agree that it does not quite fit, and that it does create a harsh contrast, but I think overall I like it. If nothing else, it can serve as a learning experience in color theory!

    @Purple Mist thank you! The second one I found really hard to get a good picture of, because she is leaning so far. Regardless of the photo, I would agree the first one does look better. Here are a few other shots for comparison.


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  4. This month my pledge is the Blessed of December and the Scales of Justice for 12 SS. I started the Scales a while back and only put down about a basecoat or two, so hopefully Ill get him finished and then that will be Lady J's crew box complete! 

    I'm also going to be finishing up with my Ice Dancers from last month. 

  5. I never got to have a final push for finishing my Ice Dancers, unfortunately. They're so close!! I did finish three Death Marshalls that I started back in December, but I dont think that they would count. But thats okay, Ill take my mulligan. There was some really awesome stuff posted this month from everybody, I am really happy to be painting amongst you all! 

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