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  1. Let’s be clear that “fast” for me means “less than five hours” 😅
  2. @Caedrus That sword NMM is a big step up from last month's effort! I especially like the reflection where the blade rests on her shoulder. That's a tasty little detail that really helps the illusion. Also, I am claiming Trixiebelle for 7 SS. I just noticed there are a couple of dark spots on the back of her hat that need fixing - must've been slop that I didn't catch when painting her hat band. This "paint faster" thing I'm doing is KILLING ME. So much stuff I want to smooth out and fix up! OTOH I'm getting the hang of this ultra-contrasty style that fast painting seems to require.
  3. Pledging Trixiebelle this month for 7SS Her default pose hurts my back to look at so she gets to sit down on a log
  4. @Caedrus claiming Bushwhacker #2 for 6SS. Can't use my wife's fancy camera setup this month but the color's not too terribly off. I think the model's OK. Starting to get the hang of working faster.
  5. @Nikodemus I like the idea of switching up the brushes to force a stylistic change. Very cool.
  6. Pledging the Bushwhacker I didn't finish last month.
  7. @Caedrus Travel + wrist surgery = mulligan for me.
  8. Pledging another bushwhacker for 6SS, and might manage to do more. I have several other Tricksy models still in boxes so I'm gonna try a "paint one, build one" approach. Speed is still the primary painting goal.
  9. That's a great idea, thanks! Copper cookware would never have occurred to me. Good chance to break out these awesome Scale 75 copper paints I picked up a couple of months ago...combined with Franchute's idea for brownish "camo", I think the next BW should have a lot more visual interest. Yeah, but it's Gremlin camouflage...maybe it's last year's camo that's all dried out and gross but "ah cain't hunt without mah lucky headdress!" @NikodemusThat's a nice example of how even a "bog standard" (as you phrased it) freehand, when executed well, can really elevate a model. Kudos. I agree with your assessment of the bird, and 100% understand the allure of the fluorescent paint! @Stranglelove Don't be too hard on yourself. The eyes are a good size and pointing in the same direction, which is 2/3 of the battle right there. A bit of lining round the outside and you're good to go. Like Nikodemus and Franchute, I paint the eyes first on all of my models. I make the whites as sloppy as I need to, then just overpaint the extra with brown-black and leave a little showing when I do the rest of the face. Also: I like the bit of freehand you've done on her obi. Simple and effective. @Purple Mist That colorshift paint looks great. I'm wondering how it looks next to standard paint (that cape, for example) on the model when you move the model around. Since the highlights on the cape don't move, is there any kind of weird dissonance between the two materials? Do you find that you have to change your highlighting (more/less contrast, sharper transitions, whatever) to get it to look right? Would love to see that caped model from the back.
  10. @Franchute Dried or autumn colored grass is a great idea, thank you! I’ll give it a go on my next Bushwhacker. @Caedrus Great blending job on the torso (possibly the best I’ve seen you do!) and well-executed NMM tank & cuffs. The flat surfaces of the hand blades don’t look right to me. If you’ve got a highly reflective surface in that shape, I think your highlight/shade will be mostly flat color on upward- and downward-facing smooth surfaces that reflect only sky or only ground rather than perpendicular lines. Maybe someone with more NMM experience than mine can offer additional perspective/feedback.
  11. @Caedrus Claiming Bushwhacker #1 for 6SS. Could use some serious C&C on this, folks. It met all my goals: half the painting time I usually spend, higher contrast, less fiddly about the blends. Trying to differentiate skin, "camo", and base greens was a pain in the ass. There are some things I like and some things I don't. What works? What doesn't? Any places you see where I might be able to cut time, or where a few extra minutes would have made a big difference?
  12. @Caedrus Jumping on the gremlin bandwagon with this little lady for 6 SS: My goal for this month is to start picking up my painting speed so I can actually get this Mah crew on the table in a reasonable timeframe. More dramatic highlights, less fussy about the blends. @Franchute Weathering looks great! It's just the right amount of beat-up. That's a nice bright yellow, too - very old-school Orky! @Athiko My painting soundtrack is mostly extreme metal (black/death/doom/thrash), with occasional forays into 80s goth/industrial. I'll do a podcast now and again but I find it very difficult to split my attention in that way.
  13. @Franchute Bottles are really tricky because they're translucent. If you do the sensible thing and do a green or brown mostly-opaque bottle (as you've done), the big thing that separates it from metal is the reflections. Bottles are hard and reflective but they have depth so they're not fully reflective. Pictures in lieu of 1000 words, glass on the left and chrome on the right: So, the glass has one hard reflection in the direction of the light source, while the metal reflects everything around it. So decide where your highlight is, paint a hard stripe there, and then make your other highlights/reflections very diffuse. Does that help? @Burnin' Coal Five miniatures of that quality during a "hectic month"...wow. The majority of your blends are super smooth and the rest have their highlights positioned so well that it doesn't matter. I can't imagine how you produce that many models at that quality level in a limited time. Wish I could watch you paint. The basing is tasty too.
  14. @Franchute Thanks for the Mouse pictures - I'm liking the look of Fitz too. You've got a good eye for contrast and color @Caedrus As promised, Miss Deed for 10SS at the last minute:
  15. Called it! Congratulations - a well-deserved win.
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