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  1. Prefer trades but $$ works as well. Have One Leveticus "Salvage & Logistics" crew box, still in the shrinkwrap Midnight Stalker NIB, no shrink Alt Firestarter on sprue Want (on sprue) Brewmaster "Closing Time" crew box Rooster Riders Big Brain Brin
  2. misterfinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Alas, I really do have to leave the challenge. My tendons are in bad shape and I might be looking at wrist surgery. No brushwork for me for a while. Hopefully everything will be resolved before the end of the year so I can come back for the 2019 challenge. Cheers all!
  3. misterfinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    @Franchute @prof_bycid I did a quick example on one of my scrap/test models. Hope it helps.
  4. misterfinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    @Franchute We’ll see. 😉 I can only paint for 20 minutes or so per day, and not every day. I’ll have to shelve the Talos but maybe I can manage some smaller models. @prof_bycid Aside from the lips, what don’t you like about the face? You’ve got properly placed highlights across the cheekbones, and shadows in the eye sockets and under the cheekbones. Both of her eyes are pointing in the same direction and the pupils are an appropriate size. I like the blue color you chose. With regard to the lips, I think a little contrast would help. Try painting the lips first with a dark blue, like navy blue. Then just highlight the bottom lip with your bright blue. The lips should still read as blue but they won’t blur into the skin.
  5. misterfinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    @Franchute that’s adorable! Great job on the gems and the metalwork too. @Caedrus your airbrush work looks fantastic. Drapery is one of the hardest things to paint with a brush IMO. When I can get back to painting I’m definitely giving this a shot. Right now though, I am sadly dropping out of the challenge. I continue to have RSI issues with my wrists and hands so I’m just not able to put in the time. It’s been fun! Keep up the great work, everyone.
  6. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @bedjy Great eye + solid brushwork = impressive models. I like your style of layering - the placement and color choices for your shadows look smooth and natural at scale without the need for time-consuming blending. The guy with the staff is an exception. He looks rushed. Also the style of the little demon guys is a departure from your other models. Blends are smoother and the finish is shinier. Did you use some kind of a dip for those?
  7. misterfinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Pledging the Talos I didn't build or paint last month.
  8. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Better pictures of Bishop, as promised: and some updated shots of my TTB model from last month (with improved pants):
  9. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Phinn Your freehand slays me. I don't have the eyesight to paint a tentacle duck in that tiny space at all, much less highlight and shade it. 😲 Well done, can't wait to see pictures of the completed model! Bummer that we won't get to see more of your work in this year's challenge though.
  10. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Claiming Bishop for 9SS. I'm going to get better pictures this weekend when I can use my wife's fancy macro lens but I wanted to make sure I met the deadline.
  11. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    No emoji can express how much I love this.
  12. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute loving the metals on Anna! How did you achieve that nice worn, slightly rusty look?
  13. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Revision: my local group just started a six-week campaign that I won't need the Talos for, so I'm pledging Bishop (9SS) instead. Instead of painting fire and iron, I get to practice my freehand!
  14. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute his face and beard look great!