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  1. So here's more WIP...but first, a micro-rant. It really bugs me that most sculptors out there are unwilling/unable to sculpt muscles on strong women. I mean, look at this awesome photo of the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg Strikeforce weigh-in from 2009: Different builds, same weight class. Both of them look like they could swing a Relic Hammer at Stat 7 for 3/4/6 damage though, right? Because they have MUSCLES. It takes some serious core to swing a hammer that big. So since the Miss Deed sculpt looks more or less like a cylinder with a belly button hole poked in it, I figured I'd try to fix it with paint. The first try ended up in the Simple Green. The second try looks a lot better: My attempts at freehand in the past have been frustrating but I'm pleased with this. Trompe l'oeil is somehow easier to paint for me than patterns or designs or whatever. Now to paint the other 90% of the model...
  2. @PetitDalek The model looks good all by itself, but that basing takes it to a new level. Your terrain-making skills are serving you well! I particularly like the color choices on the dress - it looks very natural but I'd never have thought to use the brown and green together in the way you've done it. Kudos. @Viruk Man, you just don't quit with the beautiful models. Seriously, I have no C&C at all. I do have questions though! I like what you've done with the water bases. Did you freehand the submerged plants onto Cojo's base and then pour the water effect over it, or are they actually modeled? What brand of water effect did you use?
  3. I hear ya. I hate painting big surfaces too, to the degree that I actively avoid playing crews with too many capes and big coats! No Bandits or Oxfordian Mages for me. @Boomstick Those fireflies are taaaaasty. I'd leave the wing veins yellow. If you want 'em to pop more, I think you should strengthen the orange lining around them. I'd like to see a wee splash of yellow at the top of the right bicep and perhaps a deepening of the downward facing shadows on the skull head dude, but really that's just icing on a nicely executed cake. @Caedrus Nice definition on those buzzard feathers. Very clean. The base looks comparatively unfinished though - any chance of a final drybrush or two to bring out the texture?
  4. @Chou Very clean work on Santiago there. I dig it. @prof_bycid I'm into the mottled muddy look. It definitely looks like he just crawled out of a swamp! I think all the color variation is causing the model to lose some definition though, especially in the right arm. The strong blacklining defines the model's various parts (back fin, tail sections, between the toes, etc.) well - it's just the more subtle variations that get lost. @PetitDalek I envy your terrain-making ability. Looks fantastic. @Diddick That high-contrast approach is really working for you, especially on the front of the model. I think you could use more color on the back, where the texture is smoother and light will diffuse more across the surfaces of his coat. The back of his shawl mantle thing also looks under-highlighted to me compared to the front, but maybe that's just the photo. As for me...well, here's my WIP photo. Yup, that's Miss Deed head-down in a jar of Simple Green following an abysmal skintone start. Been a while since I've needed to do that...her base is fine though, so I'm keeping that safe and dry.
  5. Pledging Miss Deed for March. Photo coming later.
  6. @Caedrus Claiming Big Jake for 5SS. I'm my own harshest critic, and I always have something to say...except for this model. It was a joy to paint and I'm unreservedly pleased with how it came out. It's based to match my other Mercs, but at some point I'd like to do a proper US Southwest desert-style display base for it. Thanks to @Nikodemus and @Butch for their skin tone input on my WIP. I'm glad to see so many finished models in this thread! I'll endeavor to participate more in conversations this next month. Keep up the good work, everyone.
  7. Quick WIP here on Big Jake. I'm trying to work out the skintones. I'm aiming for a darker-skinned Native American - dark but still enough contrast to pop on the tabletop, reddish but not cartoony. I also want to stay away from the super high contrast GW look with their weird bubble muscles. This is pretty close to color-accurate (on my iPhone anyway) but a little under-contrasted. Thoughts?
  8. I thought I'd need to mulligan February but my wrist is healing fast (yay) so I'll pledge Big Jake and see how it goes. Picture coming later when my phone has battery. 🙄
  9. Claiming a Freikorps Engineer for 6 SS. I hated this sculpt a lot and I'm glad it's over. With a couple other Freikorps buddies:
  10. For flames it's important that you highlight "in reverse" to make 'em look right. Flames burn hotter near their source so the highest points of the sculpt will be the darkest. The brighter the crevices, the hotter the flame.
  11. @Caedrus I really like where you’re going with Killjoy. I look forward to seeing how you integrate your brushwork. Also the NMM sketching is a great idea. For those who are airbrushing in colder climates (it’s 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now): how do you handle venting?
  12. I love the way you’re working with color. The fades from one tone to another, the contrast shading on the skin...this is tasty stuff! Reminds me a lot of Rackham’s Mid-Nor and Dirz studio models from the Confrontation days.
  13. Hooray for happy accidents! Nah, I wouldn't completely paint them again. I think layers of color give a lot of depth, especially on things that are old or organic. I actually might start with a translucent wash of something rust-colored and adjust from there with washes/glazes. Do you have unpainted bases that you haven't attached models to yet? You could pick one that has a lot of green bits sculpted in, paint those bits as you've done with the Belle's base, and experiment with different washes on different areas of the base so you can compare...assuming you have the time!
  14. ^ This. It's a simple matter of consideration for the wider community. Closed beta testers have been grinding on this stuff for months. It's not new and shiny for us anymore, but it was once and we were all excited about delving into it. Remember how cool it was to see the new stuff? Now the forum community at large has the same opportunity. Would it have been as fun if alpha testers jumped in immediately, posting all of the things they liked/hated about alpha? Nope. If a few people (including me) keep their mouths shut for A FEW DAYS, many people have a more enjoyable experience. How is that even an issue that requires discussion? Show some empathy, for crying out loud.
  15. Loving the paint on the base. The color variations and spots of mold are really working. Might be the picture, but the green bits (algae or whatever) look a little forest-y to me given the other greens and browns. Maybe knock it down to more of an olive color? Hard to say. The base itself is one of the Micro Arts Wood bases, right? I'm considering those for an upcoming Gremlin project. I like your palette and the nice contrasts you're building up. I also like your decision to go more smokey than glowy with the wraith thing. The shading washes you've used on the vest and shirt look splotchy in places. I assume you haven't started with the browns (belt, hair, pants) yet so no comments there. Nice work, keep it up!
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