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  1. Again in August: If anyone interested in some Malifaux Demo games, just PM me :-)
  2. And going on with Demos in Rosenheim, South of Germany. just pm me And get a Look
  3. After a Small break there Are again Demos in Rosenheim :)
  4. Happy new Year all, In 2018 there are still Demos in the south of Germany available. :-)
  5. Hi alltogethar, between Christmas and new year what can be better then playing gg17 for the last times. Therefor the community of Rosenheim will invite you to have Party with us and Play the last tournament of the year. We have place for nearby 14 participants and will start at december 28th at 10 o clock. Location is HQ of the RTC, Georg Aicher Street 4 in 83022 Rosenheim. Pls pn me if you are interested :-)
  6. Me and the Ro-Com are going on with Demos in the south of Germany :-D Dont miss our Christmas Event at dec. 28th.
  7. Completely forgot to Keep this post updated :-D The Demos are still running. We have 14 participants for the tournament this saturday so i think it will become very nice if you are interested come and have a look :-)
  8. Hey Guys, Demos Are still available. The Community Also is still getting bigger (nearly 15 Active People up to now). Contact Me if ineterested. our Campaign starts tomorrow with 11 participants and our First tournament is at the end of November. Get your Information and be prepared :-D
  9. Hi everybody im proud to present you our first Malifaux Campaign. Start of the Campaign will be the 2th of October. Our HQ in Georg-Aicher-Str. 4 in 83026 Rosenheim will be open from 13 o´clock up to midnight to introduce you in the rules and the Setup. We will start with 30ss for your Arsenal and we will Play a Maximum of 2 games per mounth. So it will be very easy for all members to manage it. Cause ist our first campaign i dlike to Play only 4 rounds. If the Campaign is successful with many participants im going on to start a new one early with many more rounds ;-) If you are interested or just have questions pm me :-)
  10. Hi everybody, the local Tabletop Club of rosenheim is inviting to its first malifaux tournament in the very south of germany. Come and join us: Where: HQ RTC - Georg-Aicher-Str.4, 83026 Rosenheim When: 25.11.17, 13.00 - ~22.00 Rules: we follow gaining grounds 2017. one Master only, no Pool restrictions. 50ss, 3 rounds, official price Support. Full painted will not be required (But there will be a Price for best painted) for more Information give a look at the t3 page of the tournament or pm me:) https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=20139 Greez Averru
  11. Averru

    Help with Ramos 35SS tournament crew

    Geeze really? it was a flip with 2 minus modifier. it was weak, severe and red Joker. So how does it work: in a minus-flip i can decide to take the weakest Card or the red Joker? I had 9 Spiders and 1 Swarm but i was not sure how many swarms i would Need so i bought another box with Spiders...now i have 12 Arachnids and 2 Swarms but i think that 9 Spiders and 1 Swarm i pretty much ok. And yes, the Brass Arachnid in combination with Joss and RIder is sooooo strong! I had Joss with reactivate not only once and it is soooooogood!!!
  12. Averru

    Help with Ramos 35SS tournament crew

    Hi Guys, i told you that i would write a small Report when the Tournament is over and here it is: In the first game i played the Crew @StupidOrc recommended: Ramos with Arcane Reservoir, Brass Arachnid, Joss (thats the only difference, i took Joss with Bleeding Edge Tech), a Mech Rider and the Mobile Toolkit. We played Extraction and i won against Nellie with 10-9 cause i very much out-activated her and managed to cut her of the last Point from the Strategie (the Marker was so far away from her models and the remeinaing guild fighters were surrounded by Spiders :-D ) In the second match i played Collect the Bounty against Zoraida with Frame for Murder etc. There i played the second Crew built in this Thread: Ramos with Arcane Reservoir and Under Pressure, Joss with Bleeding edge tech and powered by Flames, Joahn, Rail Worker and Mobile Toolkit. The Encounter worked really good to me and i managed a 8-2 victory (it was very clear that the one gupp was his sucker and after a hit of a Spider i tryed to give the gupp another hit with the rail worker to bring it down to 1 wound with 2 burning on it but fate was not with me so i flipped the red Joker and killed it turn 3 :-D ) otherwise i got my Points from tail em and claime jump (which i love with Ramos and Corner deployment :-D) The last game was very difficuilt, i played the Crew from game 1. i Played against kirai in guard the stash (i had Claim jump and Undercover Entourage on Ramos). It first looked like it would become very different but joss was really brutal in the first 2 turns (thx to brass arachnid) and when there was a big clash arround the one stash, joss started cleaning the second one and protected it until the end. Never thought about this but it played out so sweet! Ramos easily managed it to end his 5th turn in the enemy deployment Zone with full hp so the game ended 10-2 :-) Thx to all of you guys for giving Input to the Crews, im hooked more then ever before and cant wait to Play in another tournament (the community here is growing very very fast so i think it will not last that Long ;-) ) Greetz Averru
  13. Averru

    Help with Ramos 35SS tournament crew

    Geeze, you are damned right! So the Brass Arachnid is the way better choice in my optinion (besides very condition-heavy matchups like zoraida or anything like this) So i think i will try out your Crew @StupidOrc ;-) The more i think about the idea of making swarms for collect the bounty the more i like it :-D I will defenitely Report how the Event turned out :-)
  14. Averru

    Help with Ramos 35SS tournament crew

    Geeeeeze i never thought about making swarms!!! Thats a pretty nice idea! Hmm i See, i underrstimated the brass arachnid :-O the question then is: is it better to remove conditions like tale em (arcane effigy) or better give reactivate with brass arachnid? With Rider and Joss Maybe the arachnid is the much better choice i guess :-O thanks very much!!!
  15. Averru

    Help with Ramos 35SS tournament crew

    WHat Strategies and Schemes did you Play with it and how does the Crew work? How did you do collect the bounty? (if it was in the pool?) Is the Rider worth its 12? since yesterday im not quite sure anymore about under pressure and field Generator. arcing Screen is only 6" and i tended to do other Things with my 3. ap...Bleeding edge tech is defenitely the Auto include for me, i found it always very very good with joss. powered by flame did not get me that hard...its really really good but the same old song: it does not help me with collect the bounty :-( and in strategies like extraction or guard the stash i really do not Need to kill anybody :-D i defenitely have to agree: Arcane Reservoir is the only auto-include for Ramos for me :-D its so damned good!!! i also loved the rail worker, but i think he only is in the Crew if powered by flame is... i was so damne dfascinated by johan! i first played against zoraida and thought about "hmm, i have to bring condition removal so arcane effigy is my man" but then recognzed: Johan has it too!!!! and way better :-O no tail em Points or accusation for the enemy, NICE!!!! I think if i like to bring the mech rider i have to cut Johan into an arcane effigy, i love condition removal :-D I think in 35 ss games the brass arachnid is a bit too expensiv for me....i think that he is really really good but i think that he does not pull his weight in 35ss - maybe im only playing it wrong :-D