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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Wyrdos, I am the new henchman for the Drachental in Düsseldorf. From now on I will be offering demos in the Drachental Games and Magic shop in Düsseldorf. If you are interested in arranging a demo, please contact me to discuss a suitable time either by posting in this topic or sending me a private message. You can also always turn up at the shop and talk to one of the staff to ask about the game and arrange a demo. The demos will last about 45 - 60 minutes, which will include a walkthrough the basic rules and gameplay and introduction into the world of Malifaux. The address is: Drachental Games & Magic, Liesegangstraße 15, 40211 Düsseldorf And always remember, bad things happen Chris
  2. Hi all, Malifaux made its way to the very southern Germany, not far from the border to Austria. After growing the community a bit i decided to take part in the henchmen Programm and here we are. If you are interested in the game, let me know it: Write an email rtc.verein@gmail.com or contact me via pn and we will find some time where i can Show you the game. We have some very nice Club rooms in Georg-Aicher-Straße 4 in 83026 Rosenheim where i usually play but im very flexible with the location cause of own Terrain and gaming mats. I usually Play during the week from 8-17 but as mentioned, we will find the right time for both. Greetings, Leo
  3. This Year we are present at Level1, a local LARP, RPG and miniature Gaming convention. Demos will be given of Malifaux and Through the breach. Swing by and join us in a demo game of Malifaux or Through the breach or bring your models/adventure and have a game. FB page of Level1 when : Sunday September 17th, 10:00h to 19:00h where : Gildenzaal Kuringen Joris van Oostenrijkstraat 65 3511 Kuringen Limburg, Belgium CU l8r
  4. Greetings All -- it's the Eve of September as I write this... I'll be running demo game and answering any questions about Malifaux and Through the Breach for the whole month of September! You can email me direct at Ngolmo@gmail.com - can contact me here - or give me a call/text at 080-6528-7391 If you need for me to make a trip to Tokyo - I've got a travel demo kit too. Yeah, I'm really a big fan of everything Wyrd! Let me know -- we'll get you a game! Be Well ~James
  5. Hi everyone, As usual, here's the details for SEPTEMBER walk-in store demos. if you happen to live in Bangkok (or just visiting) and would like to learn a game, please feel free to drop by at Battlefield Bangkok. Demo Materials: If you're new and would love to get the feel of the game first, we can begin with 2-Player starter set (3 models/side for quick and easy demo games) OR you can bring your own crew box and get started with your chosen Master/crews! (Some Crew boxes available for tryout) Location: Battlefield Bangkok [71 Sukhumvit 101/1, Bangkok 10260] Date & Time: Every Saturday (approx. 16.00 till 22.00) * but I CAN do demo on any weekdays if you wish. Make sure you contact me beforehand to see if I'm available so i can get everything ready. Contacts: Battlefield Bangkok FB group or drop me a PM. Regular games also available at the stores during Game Nights, although date/time may vary. Be sure to ask first by PM or join our FB group (see above) *These are estimated schedules, please contact me beforehand in case there's a change in date/time. Please note that our store is CLOSED on MON/TUE.
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