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  1. I really like play Titania with the Misterious Emissary, so the box of emissary and the box of changeling could be right for expanding the crew, roungarou and primordial are very good chose also
  2. Effigy and claw leave one each,the emissary leave 2 marker,one with normal action and the second with his 0 action( near claw)
  3. Of course, my friends play Reva with Lithany of the fallen and guises death, Archie with hulk leap & doc found a squid,carrion emissary with my little helper, 2 shield bearer 2 necropunk Flank deployment Strategy: extraction Scheme pool:claim jump, mark their grave,leave your mark, inspection,search the ruins I chose mark their grave and search the ruins, my opponent take claim jump and inspection. Turn 1 their necropunk run for take the edge of the table, one on the left e one on the right, follow by the shield bearer, reva emissary and archie move to the center of table.My cyclops run to the center and lock the way with ice pillars, the garou eat a scheme and push 3" versus the edge, where the necropunk and the bearer stand, double walk and challenge alpha on them, the necropunk failed the test and take 2 damage, effigy,the claw and the emissary leave a marker and move to the center protect by the Cyclops, Titania eat all the scheme marker to push the tooth by 6" to the edge with the rougarou, then walk twice. The tooth double walk ,challenge the necropunk, pounce of garou and kill by the reposte of the tooth Turn 2 Reva activated and leave the cyclops in hard to kill, the cyclops charge Archie near Reva try to blast her, unfortunately no blast and only 6 damage on archie with 2 attack, the tooth and the garou kill the bearer, his carrion emissary lock the way of my emissary with his shard, the necropunk score claim jump on the right edge, archie kill the cyclops and Titania walk for the 1kfaces, Titania activated and come for Reva leave her to 3 wounds remain Score: 2-2 Turn 3 He won initiative,activated Reva and attacks Titania, bad fate on him, first attack i flip red Joker,second attack black joker on damage and hit with the third for 3 damage, Titania activated and kill her with the rot within and score mark their grave, Archie hulk leap versus the garou and attack him, the garou take 8 damage and go to hard to kill, then activated and with the tooth kill archie, carrion emissary protect himself with shards and score the principal mission with the shield bearer, the necropunl score again claim jump, the rest of my crew move to the center Score 4-4 Turn 4 Misterious emissary activated and cast hungry land marker near him,start shoot to the bearer and leave him to 2 wounds remaining, Titania kill him and score mark their grave, carrion emissary summon another necropunk by destined +2 for the strategy, the other necropunk score claim jump for last time Score 6-6 Turn 5 Titania kill the emissary, the rest of the crew leave the marker for search the ruins and the emissary kill a necropunk Score 10-6
  4. Yesterd i used this list in a match vs Reva 50 SS Neverborn Crew Titania + 4 Pool - Pact with the Grave Spirit (1) - Aether Connection (1) - An Audience With The Queen (1) Primordial Magic (2) Mysterious Emissary (10) - Primeval Conflux (0) Cyclops (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Rougarou (8) The Tooth (7) The Claw (7) Mysterious Effigy (4) It work very well, Titania take Reva and wreck her with a combinations of Bloody command ( 5 damage) and then the rot within, i don't even try royal indignation but actually the pact with the grave look me more interesting
  5. For the pact of graveyards spirit what you think? In my experience i had see that, you can pin a master or henchman and slowly consume it
  6. So the queen has rise? In the last week i've tried Titania with her new upgrade, i think she's need something similar to get the top of neverborn, have you try? What's your feelings? Pact or royal? Let's talk about the up,im so curious to know your ideas about them
  7. https://m.facebook.com/events/1042883215815721 link for the events
  8. https://m.facebook.com/events/1042883215815721 link for the events
  9. Torneo e demo alla Rocca Implacabile 3 di Quinto Vercellese link all'evento principale: https://www.facebook.com/La-Rocca-Implacabile-III-Il-Castello-dei-Sogni-1602040436737754/?fref=ts
  10. Hello everyone! For the first Casale comics and game we are running a demo and a tournament, 18/06/2016 demo and 19/06/2016 tornament link at the tournament: https://www.facebook.com/events/1634874446839187/ link at casale comics :https://www.facebook.com/casalecomics/info/?tab=overview
  11. Ciao a tutti, il 24 aprile a Crescentino(VC) organizziamo il nostro primo torneo di Malifaux... venite fra le risaie del Bayou... link all'evento:https://www.facebook.com/events/118852315180339/
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