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  1. I like them all. Different and sure it could be awkward for some painting up the 'blob' attached to Hamelin in a way that works but those that do will really make him pop. Shen Long doesn't seem like he will stand out as much as you might want until you realise there is plenty of room for some boss oriental style dragon tattoos on him to make him every inch the centre piece of the list. Stand him in front of a shrine or 'Mon' gate and really make him stand out. Love the Crossroads 7, like all of them. This moves up from a 'might be nice to have' to a 'I want this just so I can paint all the models.' Coryphee (and Colette's box) holy damn these are awesome, makes me want to collect Arcanists sooner rather than later (had them pegged as the second faction I was going to work on... now I am not so sure). I love the little details on the new plastics (like the wrinkles in Lust's shirt) that if you take the time to paint them properly can really make the mini pop. What I do feel about the new plastics that might put some off is that they are complex high detail models that really want to be painted at a high level to get the 'pop' the promise of the renders deserve. Really love the direction the M2E plastics have taken. Thank you Wyrd. Now if I could just see the renders for Witchling Handler and maybe Angelica it would make knowing what direction I want to go next much easier!
  2. While I appreciate the 'about to do something interesting' this is hard to capture and if all models are doing it not as noticeable plus I feel very few of the old sculpts did this. Much like if all models are doing action poses, currently in the plastic range this is not the case, some minis are still very static. For me a mini is not about 'what a normal person might be doing most of the time' but what is a 'caught in the moment' pose. Mini games for me are about action, and those moments of action, that should be the normal for when they are actually in the middle of a skirmish. The characters in Malifaux are certainly not normal people to me and probably aren't doing normal things most of the time (well maybe minions and peons). I like the pulp action feel of the new minis. I will agree the old Perdita is a good 'tension pose' piece. Models with tension are good. I would like to see an updated to finer sculpt plastic of the same pose. Same with snapping on a rubber glove. I think the pose should reflect the character of the model. Lady J's fiction is rare that she is standing around, she is 'on the hunt' at least that is the way she feels for me which is why I like her new plastic. Hair might be a little much but its part of the current 'pulp action' style Malifaux art is and I can appreciate that as a choice. For me Lady J's normal is on the hunt, particularly 'in game.' I think overall the new line of mini's is a lot more interesting. There are exceptions of course but most seem to be in the middle of something interesting or are telling an interesting story about a moment or scene. I don't feel a lot of the older metals did that as well with some exceptions.
  3. I suppose I like the more dynamic poses, makes the game feel like my figures are doing more than standing around waiting for the bus when I play the game. I like the art and find very little of it bland. I have collected minis for well over 20 years and welcome the trend to more interesting poses and less expensive easier to work with materials. I like that the poses are as 2D as they were, I find the bus stop waiting pose far more bland and much prefer the action movie poster poses. But of course aesthetics are a subjective thing.
  4. I love the new plastics I have seen so far. Smoother lines, more consistent in scale with each other, better poses. Only downside is can be fiddly to put together and somethings might be a little fragile. For plastic Lady J the only thing that bothers me is the join between sword hilt and handle. I really wish the blade/hilt had been one piece with the top arm with the join being between the hands. The arms don't need to be one piece. Plastic sculpts for the most part have more dynamic poses (rather than very 2 D I am posing for a portrait ones), mostly crisper details and are easier to pin convert where needed. Not sure of why people love the clunkier old metals. New plastics are top rate.
  5. Curious, do these require the core rules to play?  Interested in checking out the game but not sure I want to pick up the whole book just yet and figured running a 1 shot would be a good way to test.
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