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  1. Herocon is a gaming event run by the australian defence force wargamers association. Proceeds for this event will go towards the charity "soldier on" who supports australian veterans and their families. Players packs and tickets can be found at: https://www.adfwga.com/herocon 50ss fixed faction, 1 day, 3 games. Enquiries can be sent to vanilla_dice@hotmail.com
  2. Fenton, twisted horrors, broken and breachling spam list perhaps?
  3. Well it doesn't mention a specific fireteam to take the action.... it says the squad takes the action.... a squad beingmade up of multiple fireteams.... if it was a single fireteam.... it would be worded something like fenton brahms kill them all.... or unathi's field tet... which say fireteaam specifically.
  4. Wrt the thrace wording..... it says fireteam to establish range and target..... but it says "squad" gets to take a shoot..... so do it behind a squad of mehals.... and watch all 3 fireteams which are in that "squad" fire away
  5. While we all eagerly await M3E arriving, to keep us busy I've decided to start up an other side league. Location: The Magic Vault, 9 sth pine rd, Alderley Time: wednesday nights from 5.30pm **** all games will be played in the war room at the Magic vault, large gaming space out the back, there is a $5 entry fee, or become a member for a year for $50 for free entry all year. **** all participants will recieve an a5 Printed "The Other Side" Rules booklet, plus other potential swag. ******* RULES Using the Tides of battle document (found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side) with some slight modifications: - Garrisons will only require 1 commander for phase 1, then 2 (or 3 if available) for phase 2 & 3. - Games can be played on non league nights if required, with achievements signed off by both players then passed to me for verification - Proxies for unreleased models will be allowed, With the following restrictions: that they are based correctly (including fireteam slot bases), That the models used are representative or similar to what they would look like in the rulebook (to avoid confusion when on the table) that a photocopy of the card is printed out of the rulebook to be used at the table, and by the end of the league said proxies have been fully painted. - all other rules as per Tides of Battle document This will commence next wednesday 16 Jan and run for 6 weeks through to 27 Feb with 2 week phases: PHASE 1: 16 Jan - 30 Jan - event sign up (contact me if intending to sign up but can't make the night, PM through here or on brisbane FB group chat. - Submit Garrison for phase 1 (1 commander, 40scrip worth of units and assets, 8 strategems) - all games for phase 1 will be single commander games. PHASE 2: 30 Jan - 13 Feb - Garrison lists submitted (2 commanders, 60 scrip worth of units and assets, 1 envoy, 10 strategems) must include all selections from previous garrison. - all games for phase 2 will be single commander plus 10 scrip PHASE 3: 13 Feb - 27 Feb - Garrison lists submitted (2-3 commanders, up to 75 scrip worth of units and assets, 1 envoy, 15 strategems) must include all selections from previous 2 garrisons - games for phase 3 will be duel commander *****please note that a duel commander game can take a considerable time to play***** Awards / Prizes will be determined as the league progresses, intent is for raffle style lucky draw, all people should walk away with at least something though. Main intent is just to get people playing the other side and potentially build more hype for the game with people playing. To sign up either contact me through PM, email me vanilla_dice@hotmail.com through the Brisbane Malifaux FB group, ask to be added to the Brisbane Wyrd FB messenger group chat add me on facebook, search in "the other place" facebook group
  6. Hey all, with the holidays over, its time to start up the regular wednesday night meet ups, quite a few Other Side players but also have malifaux demo's going. Meeting at "The Magic Vault" from 6pm this wednesday (9 jan). Location: The Magic Vault, corner of Sth Pine rd and wakefield st, alderley. message me through here if you would like to attend.
  7. hey guys, I'm one of the local henchman for the brisbane region (nth side mainly). currently have a regular meet up of up to 5 or so at "the Magic Vault" on sth pine rd in alderley, meeting each wednesday night from about 6pm. we are currently focussing on The other side while the Beta is closed, but with it going into open, there may be some faux games going on also. Drop me a line to get in touch if you like.
  8. Once again, this wednesday 12 sep.... and every other wednesday after that. Where: The Magic Vault, south pine rd, Alderley. When: every wednesday night from 6pm. What: demos, general games and potential to build a league event. Either message me on here or through either of the two facebook groups: - Brisbane Malifaux - Malifaux Australia.
  9. Will be at the store again this coming wednesday, will have 2 tables set up and ready to go. DM me for more info or email vanilla_dice@hotmail.com
  10. Hi all, I know theres a handful of faux players in the brisbane area, i am starting a regular malifaux gaming a demo nights every wednesday from 6pm at "The Magic Vault" in alderley. Come along for a demo of this fantastic game or just to get some games in, will have tables and terrain ready to go as well as crews to lend to people if needed. Come along, say hi.... look for the guy in the henchman t shirt for more info. The address is: 9 south pine road, alderley.
  11. Yeah they just seem too card hungry to me... unless you have someone else generating scrap for them.
  12. So a question in regards to ironsides new upgrade and thr challenge aura. If someone targets a model next to ironsides with a charge, they would need to take the Wp test.... but what about the subsequent attacks? Do they still each need a Wp test to target someone other than ironsides? Or does passing it for the charge count?
  13. Anyone feel like playing some vassal tonight?
  14. Problem with your question there is that there is no real "list" that would win a tournament.... sure lilith may have a couple of usual suspects she would bring along.... but the list would change from game to game depending on schemes and strats.
  15. I'd have to disagree that all the starter models are a tad overpriced.... the bloodwretch for instance is just right.... if they were only 4 stones they would be underpriced compared to say a tot or gupps.... they are quick.... good df and can hit rather hard.
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