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  1. Starting on Saturday January 20th at 12pm, Knight Watch Games (https://www.knightwatchgames.com/) will be hosting a Malifaux beginner friendly Rapid Growth League. Per the rules (as shown in the Organized Play pdf in Wyrd's resource section), the league will run 4 weeks, with each week starting on Saturday afternoon. If you can't make it to League Night (day?) you have the rest of the week to get in your game. This is an achievement based league, so you get points for playing, points for painting, even points for buying stuff at the store. So, you don't have to win a lot to be victorious, you just have to be the most active. Entry fee is $10, which will go towards store credit prizes at the end of the league. So, declare a faction, grab the stuff you want to play (and hobby on) and join us! More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1524482484548081/
  2. On Sunday December 10th, at 12:30pm come to Knight Watch Games, San Antonio, Texas for a double dose of laid-back, beginner friendly Malifaux tournament competition. First up, will be a Henchman Hardcore Tournament, 4 rounds, 45 minute rounds. Regular Henchman Hardcore rules apply. 16 spots available. If you've got the stones (soul stones, duh) then stick around, cause there will be an Enforcer Brawl after that. $10 gets you into both events. Prizes will include Henchman prize support and store credit.
  3. Join us on Sunday October 15th, 1:00pm CDT at Knight Watch Games for a 50ss, 3 round GG017 tournament for 16 Players! 16350 Blanco Rd #116, San Antonio, TX 78232 We will use standard GG rules, with some extra added Spooky Halloween story elements for fun. Check out the Facebook group San Antonio Malifaux or contact Knight Watch Games for more information!
  4. On August 6th at 12:30 pm Knight Watch Games will be hosting their first Malifaux Tournament! The event will be using standard Gaining Grounds 2017 rules, but, will be the culmination of our 8 week Shifting Loyalties league, so there will be some restrictions. The league is still running through the July 29, so players can still join in. If you have not participated in the league, but still want to play in the tournament, you can still do so. RULES: 3 rounds, Swiss pairing. 2 hour time limit per round. 50ss crews - If you played in the campaign, you must use your Arsenal as your available model pool. If you did not, you must select a 75ss model pool from which to hire your crew for each round. 16 Slots available. $10 entry for prize pool, in addition to Henchman prize support. For more information, join the San Antonio Malifaux facebook group, which is where strategies and schemes will be announced prior to the event. See you on the other side of the breach!
  5. Starting on 4 June 2017, Knight Watch Games in San Antonio, Texas will be hosting a narrative league using the Shifting Loyalties campaign system. Bring you 35 soulstone Arsenal and prepare for a new scenario each week for 8 weeks of action. The campaign will culminate in a Gaining Grounds tournament with the Arsenal list players have built up over the 8 weeks. Join the facebook group San Antonio Malifaux for more information!
  6. On Saturday, December 3rd, Knight Watch Games in San Antonio will host 'December's Wrath' a Malifaux game day. 12:00pm -9pm Demos and free play will be available all day (free play as space permits). A one round Enforcer Brawl will kick off at 1:00pm for up to 8 players. Bring your favourite Enforcer with up to one upgrade and throw down in an arena style free for all. Winner gets Guilders! At 4:00pm, we will kick off the Story Encounter 'December's Wrath' - Seamus has decided to ruin Christmas in Malifaux by gifting all of the bad children with the gift of unlife to offer them as a present to Miss Molly Squidpidge. Rasputina swoops in on a cold wind to stop the cunning killer and deliver her own icy punishment to the little buggers. No models required, or bring your own crews and play out the scenario. See you there!
  7. CROSSING THROUGH THE BREACH: A Shifting Loyalties Campaign at Knight Watch Games in San Antonio, TX! http://www.knightwatchgames.com/ or on Facebook (page: https://www.facebook.com/KWGamesStore/?fref=ts community group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1340604772620200/) Come celebrate our first campaign kick off on September 18th at 3pm! Bring 35 Soulstones worth of Henchman-led Arsenal (models and upgrades, including points paid for Henchman) to begin our 6 turn campaign. Each turn will be 2 weeks, so you will have plenty of time to get a game or two in.
  8. Presenting Malifaux Knights at Knight Watch Games in San Antonio, TX! http://www.knightwatchgames.com/ or on Facebook (page: https://www.facebook.com/KWGamesStore/?fref=ts community group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1340604772620200/) Tuesdays 12/6, 12/20 and Sunday 12/11 Our Henchmen led Malifaux group at Knight Watch games will be meeting in Decmber for demos and friendly games. Haven't played Malifaux yet? Come out and learn! Have crews collecting dust? Dust 'em off and come battle! Ask Paraic or Brenda (the shop owners) or contact Brett (bloodcovenant) for more info.
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