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  1. Well that went well!!! Guess uploading from the phone won't let me put info in!!! Anywho this is my elim round 5 entry, critters. Unfortunately these where the only things that sprung to mind and would have liked to finished with a bigger bang! Good luck to all still playing the game and hope to see you all next year for more!!! maybe i will have learnt to use a camera by then?
  2. Didn't have much time to do my usual diorama thing! thought this guy just says it all for this round anyway
  3. Not sure what happened but I'm guessing its my usual technical skills (lack of!) is the reason behind this being uploaded before I was ready!!!!
  4. Well Dr Grimwell, Herbert here bet that I couldn't as he put it, use "my wyrd" science to create a centaur! To which I replied of course I can my dear fellow, I bet you can't ride it though!! As you can see Dr Grimwell, I'm twice the winner than poor Mr. Herbert here!
  5. some streets you walk down in malifaux..............your better off undead!! :)
  6. hope this is ok that I put a new picture but I wasn't happy with the first pic I uploaded as it looked fuzzy and out of focus
  7. Well I started this comp with a gremlin so thought I'd finish with one Here's little o'ditty the gremlin doing his impersonation of ziggy stardust and when presenting his moon he also did a MAJOR TOM-tit!!! (Please Google tom tit as this is an actual saying in the uk!!) Just also to say a great thanks to wyrd for holding this mind busting comp, vike for the oh so great themes this has been great fun and till next time.......
  8. thanks for all the coments Linus McMold gets a gold star for spotting the grudge baby kade! been having lots of fun with this comp and cant wait to see what the next theme will be, wonder if they dare to call it "do it all again!" a mix of all the previous rounds themes in one entry!!!!!!!
  9. Hello kitaaaaggghhhh! Thought I would have a bit of fun with this theme

    © Darren Linacre

  10. thanks for all the comments guys and gals really enjoyed this theme and made me push my green stuff skills (which is very new to me) as you can see i took your advise from round one and did a collage pic nice to know great minds think a like with the other two who entered bomb riders! not sure if it came across properly as to where willie is heading with the bomb? i used the malifaux map for the layout of the land thanks again and will see you in round 3 even if i dont make it through as im in it for the long haul either way p.s my original idea was going to be a gremlin band called G - R.E.M!
  11. The end of the world, as we know it....willies bon voyage!!!

    © Darren Linacre

  12. thanks for all the comments i do agree that a lot of the story is lost with just this one photo, unfortunately that is my fault as i loaded the pics separately and not as a collage (cant do collage on my phone) if fate sees me through to the next round (or not) i will go collage crazy on the next one!! again, thanks for all the comments
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