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  1. Well...water everywhere? Sea Monster? It's time for a soup!
  2. "Better off dead than living in a dead world. Men have polluted MY forest. Here is no more place for me!"
  3. My Little Little Lass with freckles
  4. jef

    G.O.L.D Dungeon Trap

    Of course! I carved every rock and created the door to be embedded in the rocks.
  5. jef

    G.O.L.D Dungeon Trap

    Thank you all! I am happy to be able to convey the humor of the scene. The idea was to create a darker part, the den of goblins. It do not see very well but the goblin down controls the lever to the trapdoor near the coins! he is so astute
  6. "Great,gold!" Yes, G.O.L.D = Gremlin's Organization Living in Darkness
  7. jef

    Only a door ...

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