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  1. yepyep - this event last year was my first ever tournament! Already got this one the radar Hopefully I'll avoid the spoon this year....
  2. I'm planning on turning up, but can't commit until last minute unfortunately.
  3. Big thanks to Dan and the other guys for the event yesterday. The Hull bunch shall certainly be looking at other events in the future though we may find ourselves flitting between events in York and Sheffield. I'm sure once we're a little more settled in Hull we can repay you guys your hospitality! Dan - will these results be going on the UK Rankings? I'm desperate to be off equal rock bottom on there!
  4. I should be all paid up now, and at least one more guy from Stronghold in Hull
  5. Not to worry, we won't just turn up on spec, I'll get the tickets online before the event. Is there a hard limit on numbers?
  6. I'm looking at potentially bringing a few people over from Hull for this, but Fate will have to decide - it's probable that I won't know if it's a definite until just a few days before.
  7. I've been furiously gathering reinforcements to bolster my rather decrepit and injury-laden Arsenal
  8. I've got my eye on this...reluctant to sign up to anything just yet until I get confirmation that I am allowed to drive..
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