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  1. Thank you for all the comments. I've considered swapping the head or magnetizing it, but decided against it, simply because I like it the way it is. So in the last few days I have removed his nose again and given him one that is even larger, but more of a snout than a nose. It required me to move one of his eye-pairs up a bit, but it was worth it. I am also sculpting 2 horns separately just to see if he would look better with them. If he does I will probably add them. As of right now I feel pretty pleased with him, as he is one of the largest projects I have done in a while. He is also the first time I have sculpted this much muscle, which was a very rewarding experience. I would also like to mention how I sculpt, as it might give a bit of insight in how he ended up the way he is: When I sculpt I don't use a lot of concept art (usually because I can't draw) and just roll with a basic idea that changes over time. Sometimes I make parts that I feel are "just right" or are just fun to sculpt, so I add them. And sometimes I don't know how parts of the model is going to look, so I leave it out temporarily or just improvise. It is kind of an iterative technique. So with this model I left out he upper arms until the rest of it was almost finished, which means they look kind of tacked-on and unnatural. The head also looks a bit weird since I just tried making a big toothy smile, liked it and kept building the face from there. Nothing was really planned. But in the end I like the result and he fits in with the rest of my fully converted dreamer crew. Now if only the stuff I ordered from wayland yesterday would arrive - then I could get to painting this guy and start my next big sculpting project...
  2. Thank you for your comments! I've looked into this but decided against it for a few reasons: 1. Attaching the horns with the arms attached will be tricky, as they are in the way. 2. His head does not have a good shape for horns other than ram-like horns, but this would make him look too much like a devil or nephilim than I'd like. 3. He has horns! Albeit 5 small ones in the shape of a crown - King Chompy Bits, if you will. This guy gets it! The smile is friendly in a way that you don't know if he is happy to see you or if he is imagining spreading your intestines over the pavement. Puh, almost thought that I was the only one who saw him this way. Actually sculpting on him right now. Added a new nose. The old one I removed looked like a snout, but the new one is more like the nose of a troll. Which I find fitting since he trolls were used to scare children in Sweden back in the days, ergo there should be plenty of kids having nightmares about them.
  3. First off, thanks for your comment, I have read it and taken what you've said into account. Thanks for the compliment. In my own opinion I would consider LCB a much better model than NLCB, whose only superior quality is the face. The head is actually the third version of it that i have sculpted. The first was a larger more "beaked" (like the original) with a bone armour and the second was a smiling under bite, which quite frankly made him look like Lord Short Bus Bits. Myself I am very fond of the face as I feel it makes him seem like an actual intelligent, sentient, creature and also a very evil one. That smile sure ain't friendly! I think that adding the nose, which would take away some of the upper lip, and giving him a menacing paint job will solve this problem. (This might also be the pictures ot capturing the eyes properly as it did look very goofy before he got his eye brows).) The pose of the arms was a tricky part of this model, since I wanted to use the original metal arms. The lower arms are actually swapped, so that the right one is at the left and vice verse. But the pose for the lower arms was very much intended since the pose of the rest of the model (mostly the legs) do not have any movement to them. The upper ones I wasn't even sure I was going to use, but in the end i settled for them as it was an easy solution. Overall the arms look a bit awkward, but as I was going for a pose that was less awkward than original LCB's "Roar, Im so angry at the sky" pose, I am still very pleased. This is a cool idea, but it would be hard to pull off a screaming head when the rest of the pose is so static. Had the arms been more menacing and the legs been running or walking forward it would have looked good. Now that I think about it i could probably pull off screaming in his current pose if he was screaming at the sky... But that was the pose I was trying to avoid in the first place! All in all, thanks for taking your time to give me your opinion. I wont make any changes based on it right now but I will keep it in mind when I am painting and during future projects. Have a good one!
  4. Stomach close-up: Top view: Hand detail: (My dreamer has a LCB doll so it felt fitting that LCB has a dreamer doll) So what do you think?
  5. Hello, This is my first post on these forums. I come looking for comments and criticism on my LCB conversion. It is now in the final stages with just some minor touch-ups before I'll consider him done. The few things I know are left are the nose, which I'm having problems getting to look "right" since it needs to be done in such a small space due to his extra eyes, and the upper claws, which i recently cut down a bit. I might also smooth out the sculpting on his tail a bit. So feel free to tell me what you think! (Ideas for the base also most welcome) Time to shut up and post some pics! Front: Back: Side: More to come.
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