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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, greetings! You made it through the title! Long time lurker, first time topic starter. I've been thinking about this painting blog since Youko was revealed in the M3e beta. I've got a few project blogs scattered around the internet from when I was heavily in to [REDACTED], but even though I'm a long time Malifaux fanatic and complete convert this is my first cohesive painting blog for Wyrd stuff. This will be pretty comprehensive and be the base from which I keep track of the project on Instagram and Facebook, and will probably be interrupted at random by other painting stuff. Enjoy! A LITTLE ABOUT ME Started playing and painting [REDACTED] in 1993. I have won a few painting prizes. Began Malifaux in 1.5 with Raspy, played through 2e. Crews built: Rasputina Lynch Viks Brewmaster Kirai That list USED to be less of a hot mess, but they took my Brewy away from TT Unbuilt stuff: Well, see for yourself: Seems fine. I can quit whenever I want.
  2. Hello everyone! I started my crew with Hoffman's box and was impressed with one little thing - image on back side of the box shows me perfect standing of C. Hoffman on the land. But following by assembly instruction I didn't got what I want. So I carefully removed leg supports with hobby knife, swapped they and glued all back. Please, all who will build Hoffman check it before gluing. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Hi, I am just starting out in Malifaux, going to sell my WHFB to pay for more Mini's etc. In the meantime I have chosen Neverborn as my 1st faction, and typically for me, the difficult to master Masters of Dreamer & Collodi. Any good ideas for bases appreciated, I will use the same base across all my Neverborn eventually, as I like themes. Ta in advance Doc
  4. This is my second Malifaux Crew (the first was the Relic Hunters). There are finally a few people in my local meta getting into the game so I decided to try out some of the new models. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! (All these models were assembled, painted, based, including cemetery terrain.... in 24 hours o.O)
  5. I'm brand new to Malifaux and am obviously basing my initial choices on the principle of 'that looks cool' and I went with the Seamus 'The Mad Hatter' starter set. The thing is I want to use 4 belles but don't really want to have two of the same models on the table. Do I absolutely have to use a belle model or could I use something else and zombie her up a bit? The reason I ask is I come from a Warhammer 40K background where 'Counts-as' is completely fine and I'm not sure if the same applies to this system. Any advice would be much appreciated ;-)
  6. Hello, This is my first post on these forums. I come looking for comments and criticism on my LCB conversion. It is now in the final stages with just some minor touch-ups before I'll consider him done. The few things I know are left are the nose, which I'm having problems getting to look "right" since it needs to be done in such a small space due to his extra eyes, and the upper claws, which i recently cut down a bit. I might also smooth out the sculpting on his tail a bit. So feel free to tell me what you think! (Ideas for the base also most welcome) Time to shut up and post some pics! Front: Back: Side: More to come.
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