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  1. Being fashionably late to the party, my month 1 overview and month 2 plans can be found here: http://fifteendoublecrow.blogspot.co.uk/
  2. Round 1 is (mostly) in the bank so feel free to start on your round 2 fixture. Here is the info from round 1: Email will be sent to remind everybody of their round 2 fixtures. If you haven't played round 1 yet then please get that done ASAP.
  3. Just a quick reminder that round 1 games have to be played by the 14th October. Currently 20 of the 30 first round fixtures are played so we're on target
  4. No probs, sorry about the mix up. Blame the gremlins
  5. Emails all sent. Can you let me know if you are signed up for a league and didn't receive one
  6. I posted a pic of a (Rick) Priestly character
  7. I'll be resending emails today but thought I'd post this here as well for clarity: 6 players in each league so each person has 5 fixtures. These are spread out over 10 weeks so that you play one game a fortnight. I've already drawn the fixtures of who will be playing who what round so you can either find your league on the website to see them, or wait to receive the email, or I'll start a thread just detailing the fixtures. Each round you will be contacting your opponent for that round to arrange a mutually convenient time to play your game in that fortnight. Round 1 everyone is playing Turf War, Round 2 is Reckoning, Round 3 is Squatter's Rights, Round 4 is Reconnoiter and Round 5 is Stake a Claim. Game size is completely up to you, new players may prefer to play smaller games but that is for the players to decide. After the game, email me at vassalfaux@gmail.com with this template filled in: Round 1 - Fortune Falls - 50ss Turf War (James 4pts) (Joe 4pts) Line in the Sand Distract (James 3pts) Protect Territory (James 3pts (Announced)) (Joe 3pts (Announced)) Vendetta Deliver a Message (Joe 2pts (Unannounced)) James 10 - Joe 9 James' Crew List Ramos + Field Generator (2) + Arcane Reservoir (2) + 6ss Cache (3) Joss (10) Johan (7) + Imbued Energies (1) Miss Step (12) Electric Creation (4) Rail Worker (5) Metal Gamin (4) Joe's Crew List McMourning + Transfusion (1) + Moonlighting (1) + 7ss Cache (3) Sebastian (7) + Transfusion (1) Zombie Chihuahua (2) Nurse (5) Nurse (5) Flesh Construct (6) Flesh Construct (6) Canine Remains (4) Canine Remains (4) Rotten Belle (5) Then at the end of the fortnight period we can publish the stats for that round and then we do the same thing over again for round 2
  8. Assuming that the Child can use Just Like You to cast one of Tara's spells when she's buried, can he do the same thing when Tara (or a different leader) has died? Just Like You requires no interaction with the Leader (no LoS or similar) and totems are no longer removed when the master is removed. Therefore I'm finding it hard to find a reason why he couldn't. Note: not saying I think he should be able to as what I think should or shouldn't be is irrelevant.
  9. We're working on making it so that players can fill in their own match details. However that's not live yet so until it is please continue to send them to me (vassalfaux@gmail.com)
  10. Check your spam folder for the email account you gave me. I emailed everyone on the 19th September with their first round fixtures, contact details for their opponents and how to send in the scores... ... the email also said that the game are of no fixed size. Play whatever size you wish to play or have time to play Edit: I also emailed everyone on the 27th September with a link to our new shiny website which has all of the fixtures loaded into it.
  11. What makes you think there'll be a next time? Note: there will be a next time
  12. @Solidus - If you send in your details then I can put you down as first reserve should anyone have to drop out. Plus it will mean I have your email for when the next lot of leagues are running and I can send you an email to alert you to the sign up thread
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