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  1. You really think Wyrd is gonna do something right by their consumers?
  2. Have you not read any of the comments about the issue? This has been stated several time in several locations.
  3. I will say this again women are on average 6 inches shorter than men. Their own art supports that women are shorter than men. There is no way all women are taller then all men in Malifaux if some of the women were taller and some shorter than you can defend the scale issue but since they aren't they are basically saying all men are shorter then all women and that just isn't true.
  4. Look at the front cover of the fated almanac the female is shorter than the man. clearly by their own artwork females are supposed to be shorter than males.
  5. Also all this stuff about them being for TTB and so being fine This is a quote from the front page of the KS "Male and Female Multi-Pose Minis: These multi-part plastic kits include weapons, pose, and clothing detail options to allow you to customize your character's model for use inThrough the Breach or the Malifaux skirmish game." So as you can see they are not meant just for the TTB RPG and thus way off and need to be fixed.
  6. There is on average about a 6 inch height difference between men and women so unless you are saying that women in Malifaux are all wearing 7 inch heels the scale is way off.
  7. Because maybe if we say it long enough and loud enough they will change their minds about the issue. Not just venting
  8. As I am not out there murdering people I do not see the relevance. Crime Rates are totally unrelated to this discussion.
  9. Are you saying that the scale isn't off? That the females were meant to be taller than the males? If so then just tell us that, if not then be honest and tell us that something got screwed up.
  10. Thank you, maybe you can find some answers to go with that update as well.
  11. I wouldn't call that full aggressive, but for me and my first world problems the scale of models is a big deal.
  12. Of course we have to just listen to you and not expect Wyrd to actually fix their mistakes
  13. Yes I saw the reply here and I am saying that it isn't good enough to shrug your shoulders and call it good enough. Also part of the problem is that I had to come here for info about the KS. KS things should be addressed in a KS update and it should happen there first.
  14. Are any of the Staff going to address that thread about the MPM? No one has, and you have posted a link to this thread giving the impression we should come here to get info. Also are any of you going to address the backers about all the stuff you guys screwed up?
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