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  1. I'm getting out of Ressers, Was working on a gender bender Experimental, But I just won't have the time to complete this and play. My lost is your gain! Shipping out of PA. $175 for everything listed. Assembled = A, Painted = P, Primed =Pr. New on Sprue = NoS Experimental 1 x Dr. Dufrense – A, Pr 1x Proxy Sebastian (Student of Conflict with Saw) = A 1x Rowan Nilsson (Alt Rafkin) – A 1 x Alt Rogue Necromancy – A 1 x Zombie Chihuahua (Undead Feline non Wyrd) – A 1 x Metal Flesh Construct 1 x Translucent Zombie (the hulking one, was going to use as construct) – A 3 x Guild Autopsy – NOS 2 x Kentauroi – A, P 2 x Little Gassers – A Urami 1 x Kirai – A, Pr 1 x Lost Love – A, PR 1 x Ikiryo – A, Pr 2 x Onryo – A, Pr 2 x Seishen – A, PR Versatile 1 x Sloth – A, Pr 1 x Carrion Effigy – A, Pr 1 x Carrion Emissary – A 5 x Mindless Zombies - NoS OOK 1 x Anna Lovelace Revenant – All M3E all NiB Reva Box The Returned box Draugr Box
  2. I have: Reva Starter Box The Returned (3 x Lampad and 1 x Grave Spirit) Draugr box $70 w/$8 shipping in US. International pay shipping.
  3. Looking to buy malifaux Raptors NIB, NOS, or assembled. I'm in Pennsylvania!
  4. Entry: Free Demo organizer: LeShawn Allen Hello everyone! I am running demo for a Tabletop Skirmish Game called Malifaux. I would LOVE if you guys could attend. You don't have to buy anything, just bring yourselves and willingness to learn an awesome new game! Demo date will be Feb. 29th at 1pm at Snake Eyes Gaming in Altoona, PA! There will be pizza and light refreshments!!! Players of all skill levels welcome!
  5. Shipping out of PA Shipping 4-7 bucks I would like to Trade or Sell the Following... 1 x Ross Jensen - unassembled - $20 1 x Vintage McMourning - NoS - $10 2 x Corrupted hounds - NoS - $10 3 x The Guilty - NoS - $10 1 x Akaname - NoS - $4 1 x Lightning Bug - NoS - $5 1 x Taxidermist - assembled - $6 3 x Sorrows- Painted - painted -$8 1 x Terror Tot - Metal unassembled - $4 1 x Guild Autopsy - NoS - $5 2 x Onryo - primed - $8 2 x Komainu - NoS - $11 3 x Metal Ten Thunder Brothers - $11 Any trade offer is considered.... -------------------------------------------------------------- Looking to Trade for or buy: Bayou - Off the Rope Boxset or at least 1 x Mancha Roja and 2 x Wrastlers Tanuki x1 Neverborn - Dreamer Avatar Hooded Rider Resser - Alt Rafkin - Rowan Carrion Emissary Archie Outcast - Desolation Engine Talos
  6. These have probably been answered, I just couldnt find them or the answers weren't explained thoroughly enough for me. 1)Can a model suffer the effects of hazardous terrain markers and/or Aura more than once?? (i.e. taking two attack actions while standing in hazaradous terrain and/or Aura) 2)Can a model suffer the effects of two or more hazardous terrain markers and/or auras of the same type at the same time? (i.e. Kaeris moving two Pyre Markers that over lap you base. If you resolve an action while standing both on both markers would you take Burning +1 and Injured +1 twice or just once?)
  7. I have various Items for Sale or Trade. I will list a price next to items, but everything is also for trade. I will provide bases for those models pictured without them. From Pennsylvania Shipping is 4-7 dollars 3 x Ten Thunders Brothers – two assembled, one with sickles is not- $14 1 x Sun Quiang – Assembled - $8 2 x Terracotta Warriors – assembled - $10 2 x Onryo - Primed $8 no cards 3 x Fire Gamin 2 primed 1 unassembled $10 no cards 4 x Corrupted Hounds - NoS - $12 1 x The Sow - NoS - $12 1 x Urami Keyword M3e Cards $6 1 x Oni Keyword M3e Cards $6 1 x Obliteration Keyword M3e Cards $6 1 x Ancestor & Retainer Keyword M3e Cards $6 Will have pictures later if needed... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for: 1 x Euripides Core Box Set 1 x The Howling Boxset Serena Bowman Waldgeist Hinamatsu Tuco Mancah Roja Wrastlers - 2-3 models Merris LaCroix Flying Piglets Sammy Lacroix Gautreaux Bokor 1 -2 models or the whole box Swined Curse 1-2 Models Akaname 2-3 models Tanuki 2-3 models Bayou Gremlins Alt Rafkin Alt Rogue Necromancy Carrion Emissary Mortimer Benny Wolcomb one of the Cats from the Curiosity Killed the Cat boxset
  8. This one is a two fer 1)If Backroom and the trigger both have "when resolving" as its timing, but which one is resolved first or is it at the same time?? 2)If there are more than 1 instance of damage from Backroom, such as I choosing masks as the suit and my opponent has three masks...is that three separate instances of 1 pt of damage or are they added up and the model will take three points of damage at once?? Thanks for all assistance!!
  9. Thank you for your replies guys! i was thinking the same as you, @Nikodemus, was just wondering if there was any confirmation.
  10. Has there been any rumbling about him receiving a new boxset? I think its over due!
  11. I'm looking for a Dead Justice Lady J model. Willing to Trade or pay a reasonable price. Have models in almost any faction so make me an offer.
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