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Resser Lot $175 for everything


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I'm getting out of Ressers, Was working on a gender bender Experimental, But I just won't have the time to complete this and play. My lost is your gain!

Shipping out of PA.

$175 for everything listed.

Assembled = A, Painted = P, Primed =Pr. New on Sprue = NoS


1 x Dr. Dufrense – A, Pr

1x Proxy Sebastian (Student of Conflict with Saw) = A

1x Rowan Nilsson (Alt Rafkin) – A

1 x Alt Rogue Necromancy – A

1 x Zombie Chihuahua (Undead Feline non Wyrd) – A

1 x Metal Flesh Construct

1 x Translucent Zombie (the hulking one, was going to use as construct) – A

3 x Guild Autopsy – NOS

2 x Kentauroi – A, P

2 x Little Gassers – A


1 x Kirai – A, Pr

1 x Lost Love – A, PR

1 x Ikiryo – A, Pr

2 x Onryo – A, Pr

2 x Seishen – A, PR


1 x Sloth – A, Pr

1 x Carrion Effigy – A, Pr

1 x Carrion Emissary – A

5 x Mindless Zombies - NoS


1 x Anna Lovelace

Revenant – All M3E all NiB

Reva Box

The Returned box

Draugr Box

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