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  1. Lets take Hoarcats. They're clearly supposed to be a stealth ambush model, and get bonuses for kills. Make them 2/4/5. Now they can actually kill things. No increase in complexity, but they can actually do something. They might not even be good after that, but they wouldn't be what they are right now. Bultungin? They're a Df 5, 5 wound, 5 stone model. You just shoot them off the board in one activation. Lets give them 1 extra wound, and let Pack Mentality work even when it's not their activation (you can safely make that change across the board - maybe lower Mindless Zombies Df/
  2. I do think there was a philosophy mismatch from 2E to 3E that didn't get caught. And that is that in 2E being two models was a bonus, while in 3E being 2 models is a penalty. In M2E, cheap models gave you activation control (play against the Tara+6 Void Wretches list sometime). In M3E, having cheap models loses you activation control, because they give your opponent a pass token, then they die before they activate and your opponent gets the control. I'd love if Wyrd did a balance pass on all 6 stone and below models, because a lot of them need it. And I'd love it if the balance pass l
  3. So would something only be broken if it was capable of solo mastering everything? Is it okay if So'mer wins, oh, only "all bubble crew strats" or something?
  4. No, you dodged my question by saying "there's tons of answers" and listing a bunch of things that don't actually answer Big Hat, and then complaining that I'm making my point too well. If you're going to dismiss everything pointing out the absurdity of a crew with random lists and "that involves perfect world scenarios" and not actually discuss what you'd really do on the table, don't get annoyed when people point out you're a cheerleader forum. The number one thing that needs Errata in Gremlins is Big Hat. Period.
  5. Okay, your plan is to score points. Thank you, captain obvious. See, this is what I mean when I say there's a difference between hitting "reply" and actually having something worth saying. Yes, there's quite a few strats and schemes where killing your enemy's models is pretty useful. We could start with Recover Evidence. Sure. But this is one of the very few bubbles in the game which comes with its own built-in counter to all of those. And that is any time you go into an opposed duel with a Big Hat minion in the bubble, you have a 2-in-3 chance of losing the duel. This adds
  6. Oh you did read the cards! I'm so happy! It's nice to see. What is your brilliant plan here, go on. I'm waiting. How do you start to pick apart this bubble without getting your forces shot to hell and back? Because I assure you, it's surprisingly mobile, it can scheme outside the bubble with ease, and all these "counters" like shockwaves do so very, very little (except set off the machine gun that's 'the dream scenario') Strategies like "my opponent doesn't have a 7 in their hand" and "my opponent flipped the black joker" are right out. (There are some good ones. Sword Tr
  7. Being depressed by the lack of quality in a reply is something different from not wanting to have a discussion. Again the situation is not that hard to get into. And also the "dream scenario" is Big hat lost 2-4 models. Remember, there's always the world where Big Hat doesn't lose any models. That's not Big Hat's nightmare scenario. But lets lay out one. Say you want to get to Georgy and Olaf. You've read the card (because you're a smart cookie) and noted that damaging them makes them push 4" towards you. Yes! You're going to get them out of this bubble. Unfortunately you
  8. Certainly it's a truism that good players tend to play good crews. They're good players, they know what good crews are, they pick good models, don't waste soulstones on dreck that'll never contribute a point, and play what's good over what isn't. I think you're vastly underestimating how important balance is though. Balance is even more important at the mid-tier stages, and that's for diversity. Mid-tier players tend to fit a mold - they learn to play their own crew well, they don't learn to play the enemy's crew. Right now, if you truly learn Dreamer or Colette, it's rewarding (VERY
  9. *sigh* I'm not quite sure where to start. I was referencing Remi as something people are saying might be too good (he is, he's going to 7 stones, and he'll be fine at 7). Georgy and Olaf on the other hand, most certainly can pick up 6 shots if they want to shockwave down the Bayou Gremlins. And if they don't, that can pick up a penalty too. It's certainly minimum 4, or they can't even kill two friggin models a turn. You're not beating Big Hat if you are killing one model a turn, they're a summoner crew! Sure, he's only stat 6 for some of them. Yay. Skeeters require a Gremlin
  10. Playing a bad crew and complaining about it is being a hipster, not a power gamer. Anyway, the problem is this: - Many supremely strong players are not actually good at writing forum posts. Maybe they don't even speak English that well. Some of the best players who break the game the best don't want a voice here - Hard to play masters are harder to break. That doesn't make them less broken. I don't think it's an accident that the most broken masters at GG0 launch were things like Collette, Tara, Dreamer, Sandeep, So'mer, etc. Crews that aren't easy to play. While crews th
  11. Uh huh. Well, my mistake for trying to have a serious discussion in a cheerleader forum. Making me kinda want to switch to Gremlins here like Jamie did, apparently a bunch of Gremlin players really don't have any idea what they're doing, makes the faction even easier to win with.
  12. Oh god no. If the community "balances" shit it'd be 100% a fuckfest where the loudest people in each faction would argue that their particular flavor of brokenness is just friggin fine. Or even needs a buff. Trust me, community balancing is around the last thing you want. 50% of the community are morons, 25% are flat contrarians, and the other 25% are powergamers who got attached to broken models. No friggin way. It'd probably end up with something like Colette getting nerfed into the dirt and Kirai being buffed to get her closer in line with the other summoners. Community balan
  13. How can everyone be ignoring the elephant in the room when it comes to OP crews? Kin is pretty good, but next to So'mer? Constant source of card draw? Damage without defense flips? An out-of-activation machine gun powered off dead Bayou Gremlins? The entire card that is Good ol' Boys (and they're summonable) They could start by fixing everything. Rami is a great 6 cost model with a stat 6 2/3/5 gun that's comparable to Hans, an 8 stone model. Georgy and Olaf are a Df 7/Wp 7 model that gets a stat 7 2/4/5 gun that frequently fires 4-6 times a round. They have Mv 6 insignificant fl
  14. Of course there is, but I bolded the important part. To do a Runic Binding, you need to drop three scheme markers within 10" of each other around 2 or more models. That means you have to be at least 10" of those models, probably more like 6". Do you ever take that scheme against Leveticus? Even if you can drop scheme markers at range? That better be quite the range, because as you know getting that close to Levi and Alyce is a fatal price for any model to pay, especially a schemy one. And that's the point. You need the schemes to be sufficiently easy that you can score them wh
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