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  1. She's a henchman, she can always pay a stone for it if she really wants it (same with Vincent). It won't be as good as Vincent without the range, but if you've ever seen Vincent delete summons... it's pretty useful. One of the funnier things I've seen was a match when an Asami player finally read his card and was like... "what".
  2. They're more relatively better at Leylines, but I'm not sure either is optimal. Symbols... I dunno. Zipp can stuff infinite pianos and Gracie in your face to remove your ability to go anywhere. In fact Zipp can toss Earl to a marker and still play guard on one of yours and still drop pianos. Meanwhile Merris or a Skeeter with Don't Mind Me is going to be able to grab a symbol practically no matter what your opponent does. And you're literally never going to pin down The First Mate, I've tried. Nerfed or not, you can't shoot him to death, you can't kill him in melee, and you just
  3. Zebo is pretty much correct here. Viks do not have the tools to play alpha strike bomber. I've tried to use them to take out masters like Sandeep or Dreamer, and here's the skinnny: you can't. Good players are not going to let you do that. I was pretty low on them initially because my evaluation was they can't do what I was trying to get them to do. They're definitely not useless though. They play a role as Colette look-alikes. They're unparalleled scheme runners, and can score early, then use their combat values to pick off enemy scheme runners. Do you know how many things like Ne
  4. I think a lot of people are being very aspirational when reading cards and imagining that every ability on the front of a card will all go off when in fact most games few or none of them will. But my point was that all of Malifaux has a problem with cheap models, and specifically cheap minions not being worth anywhere near their soulstone cost, and this needs to be fixed at a systemic level across the entire game, so there's no point in discussing any individual one. If you are hung up on one example, just imagine I said some other cheap model like "Abomination" instead. Most of the mo
  5. Okay, lets just say that it's weird to have a situation where one of the master's strongest abilities works best with OOK models. As for Bandidos, I'd love for them to do half of what a 10 SS model does. You know, so that if I bring 2 Bandidos I feel like I have the equivalent of Mad Dog Brackett. So if I compare them to Mad Dog, then Mad dog is a 6/6 10 wounds, HTK, and Bandidos are 5/5, 10 wounds, no other defensive tech. And Mad Dog does 2/3 shots at a 6 for 3/4/5 with either blasts or armor piercing, while they do 4/5 shots at a 5 for 2/3/4. Also at half wounds Mad Dog gets Grit,
  6. Buffering would only happen if they tried to activate a fast model. You could change it so that it can only apply if the opponent has other non-Fast models, and make it so they have to activate Fast models last. Right now, it simply doesn't do anything, like a bunch of the tech on his card. These fixes are to simply make the tech on the front of the card do the damn job it pretends to. Right now he's a squishy support piece with the offensive and defensive capabilities of about a weak 8 stone model. His support stuff has to be damn good, and it's not. He's a 10 soulstone tax on the c
  7. Is Vincent St. Claire a hard counter to summoners? Tend to doubt it. If he was, then you couldn't play Summoners into Rezzers. But in fact he's just a good tool against them. Cards aren't free, soulstones aren't free, and a single model can't be everywhere. Fact is, every faction should have access to Exorcism. The game can't properly be balanced around summoners having to face Vincent St Claire or Charm Warders, then other factions literally not getting that stuff.
  8. It would make her likely to kill summons that are placed within 6" and in line of sight of her at the cost of a card, yes. It would give her a strong anti-summoner role, and force summoners to play around her. What, is there some problem in this game with summoners being too weak? Because there's not. Most of the suggestions here are just "make her generically gooder" (like giving her h2w), which isn't a good direction for the game.
  9. Like, well, all of Malifaux 3rd Edition, the Outcasts' 4-5 soulstone models are nearly unplayable (with a few exceptions). That list includes: Desperate Mercenary Bandido Winged Plague Student of Conflict Since this is a problem that's epidemic to the entirety of M3E, nothing really needs to be said. Outside of that, these are the culprits: Talos One of the most singularly useless models ever devised, Talos does shitall. He does impressively shitall. He does so shitall that other completely worthless models take notes on how to be more useless from obse
  10. Change "Welcome to Malifaux" to "Whenever an opponent places a unit within 6" and "this attack gets +" Give Taelor's Rune Hammer Exorcism trigger Bam, now she has a role. She's right on the border of playable anyway, we don't need her to be OP.
  11. Mediocrity. Schemes and Stones does a good breakdown. One of those crews that doesn't do anything particularly amazingly, has glaring weaknesses and bad matchups that can cripple the crew, and the good doesn't really outweigh that.
  12. You mean the 10 stone centerpiece of the crew lost the ability to generate pass tokens (literally 7 cards in the entire deck do it, including the red joker), which makes Buffering entirely worthless, and impacts the entire crew's ability to score by taking multiple actions in a row at the end of the round. As well as having a 50% chance to fail, putting even more card demands on a crew already strapped for them, and making the summoning more card intensive - in a crew that could definitely run into card problems before this. Yes that's a thing. That's not, shall we say, a good thing f
  13. Yeah, all it did was take the centerpiece model of the entire crew, turn off his ability to use one of his signature abilities (Buffering), which in turns makes her entire mechanic of making enemy models fast extremely difficult to use, and make enabling Tara's summoning far more card intensive, and remove the only decent beater the crew had since Talos is a defective pile, and make scoring far, far more difficult for her. *sigh* I do not recommend Tara. She's been nerfed into the ground.
  14. One of the problems of miniatures games compared to board games or CCGs is that miniatures games have models, and people love the models. They buy them, assemble them, paint them, and then are emotionally attached to them, all before they hit the table. So they mentally want the models to perform well. If the game is reasonably balanced, a lot of the time it's possible to argue that even a shoddy model "did okay". After all, a 5 stone model that's a competent scheme runner and dies to a stiff breeze might do the same job as a 4 stone model. But it did a job. In a CCG or board game,
  15. The Midnight Stalker is a special sort of durable. As in, the sort that needs a lot of investment. Sure he's 8 stones to A&D's 9, but he dies so much easier, and Eternal is so much worse than A&D's demise. He also can't be used as a wound battery as easy as A&D - Levi can transfer up to 4 health off A&D, killing it, and letting it reform immediately. Midnight doesn't work nearly as well - it costs you a card and leaves you with a midnight stalker that still has some damage on him. The nice change is he lost incorporeal, so now he's actually a good tar pit. You can j
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