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  1. Hate to necro an 'older' thread, but are we allowed to send purchased materials from DrivethruRPG (Penny Dreadfuls) to print companies to produce our own hardcopies? I've been trying to look on the different sites and thought I would post here as it seems the most recent and closest to the topic. Thanks!!!
  2. Beat to the punch, second all of the above As someone who also played Leve in first edition, head out to the Pull My Finger Wiki and take a read. The death/rebirth cycle is a little more hamstringing and you have some crew restrictions that you didn't have in 1st (choose between constructs and undead), but it's easy to make the jump back into 2nd with the ol' man.
  3. I think this same threat happened a year or two ago at least along the eastern seaboard. If it doesn't get worked out, most shipments end up getting diverted to Canada and shipped through via truck. So if they're on their game, there is a work around that shouldn't add too much time. Although now I'm banking on August/September...
  4. Avatars? I know they're still in beta...just figured I'd ask.
  5. Change mine to McMourning please. See you all on the 2nd...look forward to meeting some players here.
  6. Extremely insterested. This is the first I've really heard of people playing Malifaux in the Twin Cities area. I have yet to play an M2E match, but I think I could cut my teeth in this League. I'll confirm for sure that this is doable with the Mrs., but pen me down. Kevin W. playing probably Outcasts - Tara, Levi, Von Schill...one of those. Are you planning fixed Master or just want people to play different ones from the other across the table? Thanks...
  7. Since it seems like we actually might be getting to close fulfillment, is there a contact for address changes. I don't really have time at work to peruse all of the threads looking for it. I'm sure other backers are in the same boat, so this might be worth an actual KS update as opposed to a thread post. Thanks
  8. Can't make it to this event, but just relocated to MN and glad to see some Malifaux. Will you be running more stuff in Mankato? I'm up in Bloomington, but my wife's family is all down there and I'm sure I'll be able to make some weekend events in the future. I'll be looking for future Mankato events.
  9. This looks like fun. I might make the trip up from Westboro, MA. I'll RSVP as soon as I know that the day is free. Will be fun to meet some new players.
  10. So first off, apologies if this is covered somewhere else. Did a quick search and didn't see any matching threads. I've had the hooded rider for a while and have delayed painting it because its currently running without its fantastic mane. How have people gotten the snakes to stay in place? I've tried just gluing them and they tend to be a little brittle (understatement). I was going to try pinning now that my skills have improved, but they are such small pieces. Just wanted to get some feedback so I didn't do something I might regret. Thanks all.
  11. Great Topic.... During the height of Dan Brown, circa 2004 I believe or at least that's when I heard the most about it, I was unable to get my hands on the highly recommended Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, so I picked up Deception Point. This book single-handedly made me lose faith in modern authors and I didn't read anything from anyone current for about a year, reverted back to Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Orwell and the like. Though Brown's ideas are pretty good, at least enough to make a story about even if they are lifted from other sources, his writing is god awful. Foreshadowing is supposed to lead the reader towards an "Ooh!!!" or "Ah ha!!" moment later in the book by droping "sublte" hints, not cause them to slap their forehead out of shear frustration because the author has ruined their own pacing. I think I might've thrown the book across the room multiple times, but I had to finish it. Then proceeded to burn it. That book definitely pissed me off :wallbash:
  12. Awesome!!! Its great to see the clips in action. And I like that you stuck some minis in there to really show off the scale/build. I've been reading a couple posts today complaining a little bit about how they ended up looking. But after seeing what you've been able to do, its renewed my ferver to finally order mine. Thanks...!!
  13. Bummer....was looking forward to the next tourney. That's a rough weekend with it being a holiday and all.
  14. Might be down in NYC that weekend. I'll try to budget enough time for the tourney....it'd be great to play against some new faces.
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