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28/10/17 The Outpost Sheffield - Day of the Wyrd 2

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Hello denizens of Maliaux
Saturday 28th October at the Outpost Sheffield you are cordially invited to play in Day of the Wyrd 2.


Rules Pack Here


For those unable to get to dropbox
Round 1
Standard Deployment
Claim Jump
Dig Their Graves
Leave Your Mark
Covert Breakthrough
A Quick Murder

Round 2
Corner Deployment
Guard the Stash
Claim Jump
Leave Your Mark
Frame for Murder
Set Up
Tail 'em

Round 3
Close Deployment
Claim Jump
Leave Your Mark
Show of Force
Search the Ruins

Store credit for 1st, 2nd & 3rd,
Best in Faction Trophies 
Scrip for all entrants,
raffle ticket for each game you play a full crew gets you the chance of a small mystery box.
plus Spot Prizes inc Alt art Cards


See you there! :D

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Link to tickets **Here**



1 - Peter Sidaway (Returning Tyrant)
2 - Chris Challacombe
3 - Ross Mason
4 - Nicholas Carpenter
5 - Rob Hallam
6 - Dan Wartnaby
7 - Martin Jones
8 - Graham Allington

Edited by Vorpalhit
More players :D

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