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  1. Hi Kai, If you've applied previously but still not gained access, do you need to apply again, or are you already in the pool for this new test?
  2. Ticket bought, looking forward to it.
  3. @Vorpalhit Ticket link doesn't work Dan (outpost old site) and tickets are showing as out of stock for this event on their new site. Looking forward to this, will buy a ticket when able.
  4. @Clousseau Thanks for an excellent event David.
  5. Payment sent, looking forward to this. Hoping for a good turnout, should be a really fun event.
  6. Quite like Yan Lo with a Goryo. Spiritual Protection from a summoned Seishen can really blunt her alpha strike.
  7. Has there been any confirmation that this box has been pushed back? Thanks.
  8. Now that you can use Her Flicker for Masks, the pool of cards that summon has increased hugely. Getting models on the table isn't hard now. You just need to balance and plan her Flicker.
  9. Yup. Have him throw out a ton of burning, have the Emissary lower their Df as a result, and watch your ++ monkeys tear stuff apart. He got cheaper in the errata too. Still not cheap, but, Asami can afford a few support models given how easy her summoning has become.
  10. I'm a fan of the Freikorps Specialist. A massive bubble of slow and paralyse removal that requires no flips on a model that has synergy with some ONI and the Emissary, as well as marker removal.
  11. Amayasu

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Don't suppose anyone picked up a card for Ohaguro Bettari? Missing mine. I used it on table 7, game 2. Thanks.
  12. Honestly you don't need the traps. They're a trap, ironically. It sign-posts your intent. That's 6 stones on top of 25 stones for this one idea; you're way, way over invested into it. Asami and Betty can handle the movement if needed. Asami summons something cheap; Betty jumps to it. Asami summons something else, Betty Jumps to it. Betty Activates late, finds a good spot. She doesn't need LoS next turn to do her thing anyway. Remember too that Yokai get free movement at the end of the turn when their flicker drops. If you poison them they do it twice. It's also a 3" place, so really it's a 4" move. Those 6 stones could give you a Terracotta Warrior, or perhaps even better, a Charm Warder (disguised on Betty).
  13. There are wider problems than just cards. Jorogumo are good, no doubt, but they're ML5 on their main attack immediately after your opponent draws a hand. It's sign posted considerably, any player worth their salt will see this coming. There are ways of neutering them (slow, paralyse, they're Df5 in a game with increasing amounts of HtW and HtK ignoring, they're activating early so Eat your fill isn't going to matter all that much, and so on). If your goal is to demostrate publically, then Torage are better for the additional VP. If you're after a symbol then great, but 9SS for that? There are better choices. And so on. Fun, sure, but not worth building a crew around imho. Remember this is, at it's cheapest, 25 Stones just to be able to do this with two spiders.
  14. I'm not sure why an increase in cost has to be associated with being game-breaking. They went up a little because they're very good. It's that simple.
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