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Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

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So each month I'm encouraging people to play a few different masters (Ironsides, Misaki, and Zipp this month) and post their feedback on them. This can be anything from general musing, to battle reports, to good models that synergize with the master. I'll also be posting different questions for people to answer to start the conversation.

Week 1 Question:

So you a prepping for a tournament and have limited pool of models that you can bring with you. You first decide that your only going to bring one master which is Outcast Misaki. What is you plan to play for the following round? What factors may change your list and how?

Standard Deployment
Turf War
Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Accusation, Recover Evidence, Tail 'Em


Week 2 Question:

What the filthiest model/ability combinations you have found playing Outcast Misaki?


Week 3 Question:
What strategies do you love doing with Outcast Misaki? What schemes? Which ones do you hate doing with her? Why?



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Whilst I don't have much to add re. Misaki, I just want to say that this is a great idea and I'm really looking forward to seeing how these pan out. Particularly questions like this one, since I am just starting to branch out from fairly set lists now that I am comfortable with the game, and getting to grips with building and planning for specific pools is something I'm struggling g with. Thanks for all your hard work man!

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Misaki would not be my first pick into this pool, I think.

Activating her late to Downburst models out of the Turf War zone sounds promising, or she could probably do Graves by herself (she starts unengaged because her entire card and Disguised, drops a marker within range of the target, charges and kills it). Maybe bring some Rat Catchers for Don't Mind Me? Infiltrate a couple Oiran? I'm kind of at a loss as to how to get enough markers down.

Maybe just go with Stalking Bisento, run the Outcast Allstars (tm) and try to murder everything to death. Take Recover Evidence and whatever else you think you can get a point on.

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I would love to see more answers :) Misaki in not popular master in Outcast, so any feedback on her is welcome :)

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Hodgepodge emisary,
Hodgepodge effigy for obvious reasons.
Maybe a montresor because misaki loves pushes and mobility.

and maybe malifaux child to cast downburst-thunder on misaki? :D 

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Thoughts on this core list for misaki in outcasts? 

50 SS Outcasts Crew
Misaki + 2 Pool
 - Disguise (2)
 - Survivalist (1)
 - Scout The Field (1)
Hannah (10) or emissary with upgrade 
 - I Pay Better (1)
Sue (8)
 - Return Fire (1)
Freikorps Librarian (7)
Johan (6)
 - Oath Keeper (1)

And 12 points left for trappers, ronin, hodgepodge effigy, Shang,  or scheme runners

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