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  1. It will be held at Common Ground Games in Stirling on 9th of June Fixed Faction, 4 round, 50 SS Malifaux tournament. Will Be ranked. Player pack found here: http://www.2guys1paintpot.co.uk/malifaux/Malfunctional2018.pdf Pre Register Here: http://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList Tickets can be bought here: http://www.malifaux-tickets.com/malfunctional-2018.php
  2. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    Scottish GT 2018 - 21/22 July - 50SS, Fixed Faction, 6 Rounds, Stirling

    HAPPY NATIONAL UNICORN DAY!!!!! Today was the last day of the early bird offer for the Scottish GT (a sweet sgt unicorn supply model). It was timed for national unicorn day. However, it is also my son's birthday, and although I had planned for the player pack and event page to be up today - events got away from me. So, with the hope to get it up tomorrow, I will extend the date to Friday. There is already 31 signed up. 39 tickets left! http://www.malifaux-tickets.com/scottish-gt-2018.php
  3. 50SS fixed faction, 2-day event with trophies, best in faction, spot prizes and a raffle, held at Common Ground Games in Stirling. This was the second biggest event in 2016 & 2017, and with the added interest this year, I have to cap this at 70 players on a first come, first served basis.Below are the prizes... Any TBR is "To Be Revealed" Attendance Gifts: SGT Fate Deck, Something Terribly Scottish, Scheme Marker, TBR (Also Unicorn 50mm Model if you buy your ticket before 14/04/18)Team Prize: Trophy (a real one this time ), TBRBest In Faction: Trophies, TBR, TBRSpot Prizes: TBRWooden Spoon: Spoon, TBR3rd: Trophy, TBR, TBR 2nd: Trophy, TBR, TBR 1st: Trophy, Nationals Goldent Ticket, TBR, TBR Player Pack: http://www.2guys1paintpot.co.uk/malifaux/ScottishGT18.pdf You can pre-register @ http://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList Tickets can be purchased @ http://www.malifaux-tickets.com/scottish-gt-2018.php
  4. I came to announce the date of this moving to the 24th and realised that I never put a date on the post in the first place. Oooops!
  5. If everyone that said they are coming and hasn't paid turns up - Its already going to be the highest scoring tournament ever. Lets make history guys!
  6. It will be held at Common Ground Games in Stirling on 24th MARCH Player Pack can be found here: http://www.2guys1paintpot.co.uk/malifaux/BrokenPromisesII.pdf Entry is £12.50. It should be sent to: paypal@dolidh.com (As gift) You can pre-register @ http://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList Strats and Schemes are in the player pack. (Except round three that is missing Hold Up Their Forces) Paid: 1. Joe Taylor 2. Paul Campbell 3. Gareth Henry 4. Stuart Herbert 5. Mike Arnott 6. Martyn Nicol 7. Lewis Phillips 8. Kai Young 9. Mark Watson 10. Euan Grieve 11. Euan Grieve (2) 12. Euan Grieve (3) 13. David Hughman 14. Andy Bushell 15. Colin McCrae 16. David Hughman 17. Jamie Gemmel 18. Dave Laing 19. Jamie Clark
  7. Sorry for such short notice for the rules of this.... Format The day will consist of 2 Enforcer Brawls, 2 Hardcore Henchman Games and a 50SS Standard Game. You will pick an enforcer to start. Then, build a hardcore henchman crew around it. Then build a 50SS crew around that. the enforcer must be in each game. The full hardcore henchman crew must be included in your 50SS list. We will use GG18. However the scoring will be done on VP earned as the enforcer brawls will have multiple people in it. Tables will be allocated randomly on the first round, and then grouped by the league table thereafter. The 50SS game will be Public Executions, Close Deployment, with Eliminate the Leadership, Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage, Show of Force & Take One For the Team Schedule 10:00 - 10:30 Register 11:00 - 11:45 Enforcer Brawl 1 11:45 - 12:00 Break 12:00 - 12:45 Enforcer Brawl 2 12:45 - 13 45 Lunch 13:45 - 14:30 Hardcore Henchman 1 14:30 - 14:45 Break 14:45 - 15:30 Hardcore Henchman 2 15:30 - 15:45 Break 15:45 - 17:45 50SS Game 17:45 - 18:15 Prize Giving Enforcer Brawl Rules Each player selects one Enforcer and attaches up to one Upgrade to it. The Upgrade must be something the Enforcer could have attached at the start of a normal game considering its Faction(s). (Leader only Upgrades may not be selected, for example.) The Enforcer must be one with a Cost which may be hired (no Coryphee Duets, for example). The game is played on a standard table. Each player flips a card to determine deployment order; the player who flips highest deploys first, followed by the second highest, etc., until each player has deployed their Enforcer. If two or more players are tied, they reflip amongst themselves. Models may be deployed anywhere on the table which is more than 6” from another model. Play proceeds for 6 rounds. Each round, all players flip for initiative; the player who flips highest must go first, followed by the second highest, etc. until all players have gone. If two or more players are tied, they reflip amongst themselves. If a model receives Reactivate, it receives a second Activation at initiative -1 (if multiple models Reactivate, they flip to determine which goes first). Before the game, assign a suit (R, t, etc.) to each table edge. On a player’s initiative, if they have no models in play or buried, they must flip a card which may not be cheated (reflipping jokers). The player places a new copy of the model they chose at the start of the Brawl (including its Upgrade) within 6” of the board edge corresponding to the suit flipped and then proceeds with their Activation as normal. Enforcer Brawl Restrictions * Players have a hand of 4 cards, instead of the usual 6. * Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). * When a model is buried, it may choose to be sacrificed instead (in which case it counts as sacrificed by the model which forced it to become buried). Enforcer Brawl Scoring At the end of 6 Turns, the player with the highest Victory Points wins. Players score VP in the following manner * 3 VP for each opposing model killed or sacrificed. A player scores 4 VP instead if the model they killed or sacrificed had a higher Soulstone Cost (including the cost of Upgrades) than their model did. * 1 VP for dealing 1 or more damage to an undamaged enemy (this may stack with killing the model). A player scores 2 VP instead if the model they damaged had a higher Soulstone Cost (including the cost of Upgrades) than their model did. * -3 VP for each time the player’s model was killed or sacrificed. * Players can not go below 0 VP. Hardcore Henchman Restrictions * All Crews must be led by a Henchman, not a Master. * The game size is 20 Soulstones. * All Crews must contain exactly 4 models, no more, no less. * Upgrades may be purchased, as allowed by the standard rules of Malifaux. * The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. * Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). * Only one Scheme will be available. * The same Crew must be used in each round of the event. Hardcore Henchman Set Up * Deployment: Close. * Strategy: Hardcore Extraction. This Strategy uses the Extraction rules (GG18 pg. 16) with the exception that VP may be scored on the first Turn. * Scheme Pool: Eliminate the Leadership (GG18 pg. 12). This is the only Scheme available and it must always be taken. Common Ground Games 40 Cowane Street Stirling FK8 1JR
  8. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    New Rankings Algorithm?

    Most are in agreement that we should try this. I think while the 4 round argument is valid - it is the same as the 28 player rule we have had for years - some venues can't support that. If we get half way through the year and it hasn't worked out - we can re-run it - maybe even try different simulations. But I think this will work.
  9. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    New Rankings Algorithm?

    Yes, 5 points for turning up - it always worked of the base of 100, that would be what changed.
  10. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    New UK Malifaux Rankings 2016

  11. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    New Rankings Algorithm?

    Hi all, First of all, I have put this here, because although it’s old-home of the UK Events was fine at the time, any changes effect Poland, Netherlands, USA, Denmark & Spain, with Italy & Australia hopefully coming online soon. It has been discussed about changing the way the events are ranked. If we are to do this, it needs to be before January this year, when the UK Masters Season starts. This discussion comes from the appearance that the number of tournaments we run has grown massively. Here are the stats on UK Ranked Events: 2014: 47 Events (23% were 100 point tournaments) 2015: 64 Events (25% were 100 point tournaments) 2016: 75 Events (22% were 100 point tournaments) 2017: 64 Events (30% were 100 point tournaments) As you can see, the number of ranked events have gone down in 2017 and although the 28-person tournaments have gone up percentage wise, that is only 3 extra tournaments this year due to lower numbers. Another reason for people wanting change is the “inevitable” situation where there is more than one person with 400 points. This hasn’t happened either. Even if you consider the 5 other ranking sites. Based on the above, I personally don’t think that the 28-person limit needs to change. I did like a suggestion that was made on a podcast though. That talking about the issue that the winner, whether in a 28 man 3 round 1 day event, or in a 128 man 7 round 2 day nationals event, they get 100 points. I’d like to see this change. A suggestion was that the point limit changes per number of rounds. I have looked and here are the stats for the UK events of 2017 (Thanks to the fact that 79.6% of tournaments used BoT 😊 ). 3 Round Events: 31 4 Round Events: 14 5 Round Events: 4 6 Round Events: 1 7 Round Events: 1 So obviously the Nationals at 7, Scottish GT at 6, English and Welsh GT at 5 leaves 14x 4 round events and 2x 5 round events over and above the three round events. (I don’t know if it helps you, but I feel better about making the proposal with these stats). So my proposal (and this is completely open for discussion obviously): 3 Round events are based on 100 points for a 28 player tournament winner (as per current calculation). 4 Round events are based on 110 points for a 28 player tournament winner. 5 Round events are based on 120 points for a 28 player tournament winner. 6 Round events are based on 130 points for a 28 player tournament winner. 7 Round events are based on 140 points for a 28 player tournament winner. I’d also like to propose the idea (If Luke and Stuart agreed to extend the rounds), that the GTs are the only ones that can be ranked for 6 rounds and Nationals 7, to add a bit of prestige to them – not that more is needed. Any other 6 round tournaments (which there wasn’t last year) would get ranked a 5-round tournament. Thank you to all that use the rankings. Jamie and I cannot wait to show you new exciting features in 2018.
  12. A single day, 4 game, 50SS fixed faction tournament held at Common Ground Games in Stirling on the 25th of November. At present this is the last tournament counting for the 2017 masters!!! Last chance to grab a few points before it is set in stone! Time Table 09:30 – 09:45: Check in with TO 09:45 – 11:45: Game 1: Collect the Bounty, Close Deployment 11:45 – 12:15: Lunch / Painting Competition 12:15 – 14:15: Game 2: Extraction, Corner Deployment 14:15 – 14:30: Between Games 14:30 – 16:30: Game 3: Reckoning, Standard Deployment 16:30 – 16:45: Between Games 16:45 – 18:45: Game 4: Headhunter, Flank Deployment 18:45 – 19:00: Prize Ceremony Pre-Register You can pre-register @ http://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList Cost Payment of £12.50 as a gift to paypal@dolidh.com Other Things No painting requirement, Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, wooden spoon and best in faction. Also wyrd guilder for all players. Schemes will be drawn slightly earlier than usual (Thursday the 16th), as 7 days before is UK Nationals. Common Ground Games can be found at: Common Ground Games 40 Cowane Street Stirling FK8 1JR
  13. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    Guessing that is 2 overseas tickets Mike?
  14. NoMoreMrNiceKai

    ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    Ticket bought for 2G1P