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  1. lyzech

    Will there be a late backing period?

    Thank you for your answers !
  2. lyzech

    Will there be a late backing period?

    Even for Dual Commander late-pledgers ? I just got my bank card yesterday, tried to order a dual commander pack, and couldnt find these LE unionists...
  3. lyzech

    Will there be a late backing period?

    Hi, It is possible to acquire Thrace and Binh Nguyen LE miniatures through late pledge ? It is possible to exchange a book in the dual commander late pledge ? Thank you !
  4. lyzech

    July 11th - The Wild Ones

    Wonderful box ! And the Nythera's thirds were not forgotten...
  5. lyzech

    June 13 - Parker Barrows

    The model is gorgeous ! Abilities are interesting too...
  6. lyzech

    June 6 - Sandeep

    I'm really interested about this part...
  7. lyzech

    May 30 - Asami

    If I insist to see her back, will I sound like a pervert ? Very interesting model !
  8. lyzech

    May 23 - Reva

    She's a living model ? I expected her to be a nundead. Ok, I'm out.
  9. lyzech

    Abuela Ortega - Something Amiss?

    Hi ! I struggled to make her sit in her chair, and now I m trying to build her hat. Did someone succeed ? Thank you !
  10. lyzech

    Selling: GenCon LEs

    PMed for Santana and Hannah.