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  1. Sir#67

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Greg Piskosz and Adam Bone: Hummus Feta Triangles Sharing: Mixed Chargrill Feast
  2. Sir#67

    UK Doubles GT 2016

    To be honest I didn't consider how the Crossroads Seven would fit into this and they weren't out when we did the majority of our playtesting. Let me have a think and I'll get back to you.
  3. Sir#67

    Bluffing vs Cheating - A hazy line

    I personally think a line has been crossed as soon as you say something along the lines of 'I need turn 5 to score Convict Labour' To me that would be the same as declaring the scheme 'Convict Labour.' It's not quite cheating, rules as written. However as an example, if we had agreed to end the game there on the basis you can't score more Convict Labour points and then you scored points in another way to win the game, I would consider it very poor sportsmanship. I'm fine with people putting down errant scheme markers or positioning to fake Inspection etc. as long as things are kept ambiguous. I don't want my opponents to outright lie to me. Behaviour like that is going to make playing this game an awkward experience for everyone involved. Greg
  4. Sir#67

    UK Doubles GT 2016

    I thought about making that change and I felt that one tournament wasn't a sufficient sample size to justify it. I'm inclined to leave it in as one of the benefits for staying in faction however if that particular interaction is dominating this years doubles then I'll reconsider it for 2017. Greg
  5. Sir#67

    UK Doubles GT 2016

    Hello The Doubles GT is back for another year. This years event will be held at Sanctuary Gaming Centre on 10th-11th September 2016. Address: Sanctuary Gaming Centre St. Michaels & All Angels Church St. Michaels Street Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 4GP Tickets will cost £40 per pair. Payment is to be sent via Paypal as a gift. The Paypal addess is gregpiskosz@hotmail.co.uk The Rulespack can be found below. I hope to see you all there Greg Piskosz https://www.dropbox.com/s/phabn2jpadn6ycg/Final%20Malifaux%20Doubles%20GT%202016%20Rulespack.pdf?dl=0 Entrants: 1. Name TBC - Joel Henry/Blu Tac 2. Ancestral Vengence - Connor Barker/Jen Trudy 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31.
  6. Sir#67

    Changes to Masters for NEXT season - UK

    I'm not going to bother repeating everyone's excellent arguments for why we all like the current system, however I feel the following Changes should be made: 1) The season now lasts from 1st Jan-30th November. 2) Increase the field to 20 players. As the scene continues to grow I believe the time is right to increase the number of possible Masters enterants similar to the way the number of attendees required for a 100pt Rankings event was increased at the start of 2015. The reason I've settled on 20 players is twofold. For starters it's very easy to add four additional players to each qualifying group. This does mean that 4 rounds would now have to be played day 1 but if you've made it to masters I assume you can cope with 4 rounds in a single day. The top 2 players in each group would advance go day 2 as usual. The second reason is that I believe more and more players are approaching the quality of play I think represents the Masters and that this increased volume of good players has pushed the marker from top 16 to top 20. 3) The winner of the Masters does not automatically gain entry to next years Masters. I don't think that winning the masters should give you the option of essentially taking a year off. Especially when it comes at the expense of denying another player a space, a player who could've been actively supporting the community, attending events etc. for the 10/11 month season. However I feel that the winner of the GT should automatically get a masters spot. I like the idea that everyone has a chance to get in, no matter how small that chance might be. Greg Piskosz
  7. Sir#67

    Sanctuary Hall Of Fame Qualifiers

    I'll be there Greg
  8. Sir#67

    Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Lilith

    That is true but I found that was all my Waldgeists were doing, which is why I started to change things up. Greg
  9. Sir#67

    Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Lilith

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked the episode. After thinking about it for a bit I would probably drop Johan (with Retributions Eye) and the Mysterious Effigy. If I think I'm going to need it I'll put Retributions Eye on Mr Graves and play with 1 less stone in my cache. You're basically trading a lot of utility for some more durable models and the ability to deny a large part of the board. I would advise you to play without them for a little bit and experiment, especially if you find yourself in a bit of a rut Greg
  10. Sir#67

    Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Lilith

    Am I the only one curious about where your opinions differ? mainly over living blade. Both Greg and I believe in using Lilith aggressively at the right times. He favours aether connection as his insurance. I prefer living blade. Positive attack and damage, rather than just damage, mean I can be more card efficient, and the 3" range often means I can make my opponents less AP efficient. I see that as well worth the 2ss upgrade cost. It's pretty rare I take Aether Connection, only if I have an extra SS to spend. I never really rely on having any kind of insurance, I prefer to use positioning to limit any kind of retaliation my opponent can muster. My issue with Living Blade is that I've never lost a game where I thought Living Blade could have made a difference. If Lilith is hitting something then it generally dies so the 3" melee range never comes up. I'm not going to spend 2ss on something that I don't need to help win games. Greg
  11. Sir#67

    Gen Con 2015 Malifaux Events

    Is the golden ticket for the 2015 or 2016 Nationals?
  12. Sir#67

    UK WTC Team Selection Process

    I'm at a tournament today so I swill reply to questions tomorrow. However I'm more than happy to have eligibility based on residency instead of British citizenship Greg
  13. Sir#67

    UK WTC Team Selection Process

    Hello If you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen my post regarding the Malifaux WTC. In the event this event goes ahead I intend to form a UK WTC committee to help with the organisation of the event and UK WTC team selection. Committee members will not be able to directly influence UK WTC team selection unless they also qualify as UK WTC Citizens (see below). The aim of the team selection process is to select the best team/teams possible for the WTC as judged by the best players that the UK has to offer. The selection process will attempt to fulfil these three goals: 1. The selection process should choose players that exhibit good sportsmanship and that will act as ambassadors for the UK Malifaux scene. 2. The selection process should be transparent. 3. The selection process should choose players that have a high skill level to enable Team GB to perform well at a WTC event. What follows is the process I believe we should use to select our team(s). Overview Players that consistently do well at UK events will become UK WTC Citizens with two privileges: 1. The right to apply for the UK WTC Team and 2. The right to vote on the composition of the UK WTC Team. UK WTC Citizenship Players earn UK WTC Citizenship by consistently doing well at UK events. Players that place (finish 1st, 2nd or 3d) at least twice at UK Malifaux singles events with 20 or more players will gain UK WTC Citizenship. UK WTC Citizenship must be earned each year. The WTC year will run from 1st September to 31st August. Players that have met the requirements of UK WTC Citizenship between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015 will be eligible to select the UKs 2016 WTC team. The Winner of the UK Nationals and the UK Masters will also automatically meet the requirements of UK WTC Citizenship. UK WTC TEAM APPLICATIONS Before submitting an application, a potential UK Team Member should only submit an application if they feel that they can fulfil the obligations expected of a UK Team Member. UK WTC Team Members must be able to travel to the WTC event and must have the financial capability to cover the entire cost of the event. Team Members are expected to actively communicate with fellow their Team Members on a regular basis. Team Members are expected to take the necessary steps to be well practiced and prepared to play at the WTC event. Team Members are expected to exhibit high levels of sportsmanship. A player must be an active UK WTC CItizen and a citizen of the UK in order to apply to be a member of the UK WTC Team. The UK WTC Committee will advertise the deadline for the submission of application resumes. The application resumes may include tournament wins from the last two years. Tournament results from 1st edition may not form part of your resume. Resumes are limited to achievements from the previous two years to give a fair chance for newer players to earn a spot on the team and to incentivise veteran players to continue to improve their resumes. VOTING ON UK WTC TEAM APPLICATIONS UK WTC Citizens that wish to exercise their voting privilege are expected to read through the pool of resumes and then rank their top fifteen resumes. When a UK WTC Citizen votes, he will give his player in first place fifteen points, his player in second place fourteen points, and so on until the player that he considers in fifteenth place would get one point. The player should use two considerations when ranking players: 1. The quality of the player’s resume 2. How well you believe the player will represent Team USA and display sportsmanship UK WTC Citizens must decide how heavily they will weigh each of these considerations when ranking a player. As an example, if thirty UK WTC Citizens applied to be the UK WTC Team, a UK WTC Citizen should review each of the thirty resumes. The UK WTC Citizen would then rank his top fifteen resumes. Here is a sample ballot: 1st: Jacob Lynch 15 points 2nd: Sonnia Cridd 14 points and so on 15th: Mei Feng 1 point In this example, fifteen players would receive points on a ballot and fifteen would not receive votes. Once the deadline for submitting ballots has been reached, three of the UK WTC Committee members will total the points for each player. The top ten players will be the players selected for the UK WTC Team. The players with the next highest point totals will be alternates. For the sake of transparency, the completed ballots will be published on line without the names of the UK WTC Citizens on the ballots. UK WTC TEAMS & TEAM CAPTAINS Each UK WTC Team must have a captain. The captains will be in charge of leading the training and preparation for the team, directing communication among the team and with the UK WTC Committee, and at the WTC they will be in charge of selecting player pairings during the event. The player with the highest vote total will be approached by the UK WTC Committee and will be asked if they are willing to be a WTC Team Captain and if he believes that they can be an effective WTC Team Captain. If they answer yes, then they will become a Team Captain. They will then select four other players to join their team from the remaining pool of nine UK WTC Players. If a player is approached about being a WTC Team Captain and turns down the opportunity, the player with the next highest vote total will be approached and the same process will be followed. Once a team has been formed, the player with the most votes that has not been selected for a team will be approached to become a WTC Team Captain. The same process that is outlined above will be followed until a Team Captain is selected. I hope all that made sense. Regards Greg Piskosz
  14. Sir#67

    Malifaux World Team Championship

    Hello UK Malifaux scene. For those that haven’t met me in person yet my name is Greg Piskosz and a few nights ago I was talking with some players in the US about arranging a competition between the best players the UK and US have to offer. After thinking about this for a little bit I don’t see any reason why the rest of the world should be left out. Essentially what I’m proposing is the first Malifaux World Team Championship (WTC). This will be a tournament where each country can enter up to two teams of five players to compete against the teams from the other countries. Each round will be team vs team and there will be a pairing process where the teams decide which one of their players will face off against someone from the opposing team. If your team wins more games than your opposing team then you win the round. Total team VP diff will be used as a tiebreaker in the event of draws. I should point out that this is all subject to change, we haven’t got a definite format sorted out yet. We are currently looking at holding the event in late August/Early September 2016 and it is likely that the WTC will be held in either the UK or the US (New York probably) next year but I would love the WTC to be held in different country year after year. I want to stress that nothing is certain yet. The reason I’m posting this is to gauge interest, so if you think that you can get a team of five players to travel and represent your country, please post in this thread. When posting could you let me know what country you’re speaking for and I’ll add you to my “interested” list. I have a method propose with regards to how I believe we should select our team but I shall explain it in more detail in another post. Location will be based where the most interest is generated. This may sound unfair but logistics will be a large part of this event and it is far easier to get 2 teams to travel from the US to the UK than it is for 10 teams to travel from Europe to the US for example. I’m going to leave it at that for the 2-3 weeks before looking at things in more detail (I’m also going to Gencon this year so nothing will happen until after that anyway!). Just so there isn’t any doubt: Nothing is confirmed yet, this is only an idea. However if enough people want this to happen, then we’ll take serious steps towards making this competition a reality. Regards Greg Piskosz