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  1. Stepfan

    TOS Backer Kit Non-Models

    Cool! Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah sadly college student tends to leave me broke even with my job. :-( But what can you do (obviously whinge on the internet, but I meant something productive) lol? I'll still try to see if I can at least get a backer for just the shirt and stuff (assuming that's you know a thing), but I'm glad to hear it. Glad to know that most things are for general release though and thank you very much for the quick response.
  2. Stepfan

    TOS Backer Kit Non-Models

    Hey, so I keep desperately trying to raise money to actually back the other side, but after months it just isn't happening. I've accepted that, but I still really love the shirt and some of the artwork available. So I know the models are available after the backer kit, or well I hope they are ;-), but will we be able to purchase the other accoutrements afterwards? I really love those fate decks with the faction symbols and that Kings Empire shirt. Thanks. :-)
  3. Stepfan

    Backerkit Response

    See I don't have that email. But maybe it's because I just used the backerkit and wasn't able to back the kickstarter. My email is basically just a reciept that allows me to update my payment information and shipping address. My experience is on both mobile and desktop devices.
  4. Stepfan

    Backerkit Response

    So how do I do this, I can see a button to cancel my whole backerkit order, but nothing to swap a few items in and out. Was debating not getting a patch and getting some more units, but can't figure this out.
  5. Stepfan

    June 20 - Nellie Cochrane

    I actually agree, love the model and the rules. Will probably be buying her as soon as I can(although since I already own all the Guild Masters currently out that was almost guaranteed). But yeah that art has a super creepy looking face, not certain exactly what's making her look so creepy either. That smile is certainly a huge bit of it.
  6. Stepfan

    June 6 - Sandeep

    That always got me as a kid. Wait did that say Gobi desert? Where is the Gob Desert again? *looks at map* *insert dismayed small child face* That disney movie makes so much less sense now...
  7. Stepfan

    Rippling Tides Masters

    As pointed out on the other thread it's called a gada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gada_(mace) Also I'm super stoked and apparently have to play Arcanists now. :-)
  8. Stepfan

    April 5 - Upcoming Guild

    Wow, super pretty models, though i will say I kind of wish it was two girls and a guy, just to mix it up(normally they're all men/women or two men and a girl). However still lovely models and I will undoubtedly be adding them to my guild collection.
  9. Stepfan

    February 22 - Brutal Emissary

    Oh my gosh, I think I'm in love. I do I might become a one faction man when that thing hits shelves (Instead of like a seven faction man). I do agree a bit on the boots though, seems weird they go past his knees. Hopefully not to late to maybe perform a slight tweak there. As for the sword, I like the plain undecorated look to it. This is the emissary of The Guild, there is no decoration, there is no art, there is only the LAW. Can't comment on it looking less like a sword as I am admittedly not familiar with how swords look irl.
  10. So, hopefully this question hasn't been asked like twelve times before, but my google searching did nothing and couldn't find it in the errata(which currently appears to be down), but this one has come up several times, and while my current playgroup seems to have reached a consensus as we've started going to other areas and looking at stuff on the internet for M2E it seems people have some differing opinions. So with McMourning's Evidence Tampering upgrade it says "At the end of the game, any enemy scheme marker within 4" of this model becomes a friendly scheme marker instead." Now does this mean a single enemy scheme marker, or does it mean all enemy scheme markers within 4". We used to read it as all, but after seeing people saying one scheme marker only, and comparing it to Lucius' legalese upgrade, we think it's supposed to be just the one as Lucius' is very very specific about affecting all enemy scheme markers. However it always seems to start a discussion with people just sort of disagreeing and it all seems to get muddled. Honestly the wording of the card is ambiguous and oddly phrased, at least imho. So does anyone have a more definitive answer as to which way it is and why it is that way? Cause we're all super lost over here at this point. Thanks, Stepfan
  11. I'll actually say that the Rouge Necromancy can work with Molly quite well when you add in Imbue Vigour/Terrible Secret. I've always had a problem with what you do when it dies though. Yin might be the answer that Sybelle has failed to be. In the end a lot of my games with Molly end up being trying to complete strategies/schemes that involve counter manipulation and not killing do to that very real limitation. I do think that's proven to be her only weakness as a master IMHO, though it is a fairly large one. I'm actually working on a big tactica for Molly on my blog, but I want to try out Yin first. I'll echo the Crooligan recommendation, the more I've used them the more I've found them to be amazing models. I've even started taking them with McMourning and Seamus without Molly. They have strengths that make me prefer them over the faster Night Terrors for Objective grabbing(namely I've found them very durable and capable of combat though no where near excelling).
  12. Stepfan

    How to Bag the Hag

    If you have enough high cards you could Terrible Secret Zoraida, but it'll get risky as it's a WP resist, though Seamus' Trail of Fear aura can help with that. You'd still be at a negative twist, but now she's at two. If you think you can get the spell off without Seamus debuff then have him focus shoot her, now you're at a straight and she isn't. The plus flip to damage is also helpful.
  13. Stepfan

    Malifaux 2.0 rumours?

    I'm actually against the symbols as well, things annoy me enough in Warmachine/Hordes. Though I do worry at how non-descriptive some of the new cards are, was watching a game that had two new players in it, one of whom had Mei Feng. Neither of them could figure out what Arcane Reservoir or Lifer meant, and as I only caught the last turn I was unable to help them out. It appears neither term is defined in the little rulebook. They also had no idea how burning tokens worked, but that's just an annoying thing to find(especially as it gets called burning counters on half the things that have them).
  14. Stepfan

    Older Models Converted To Plastic?

    I don't really have a preference. Even if they plastic'd the things I own I wouldn't buy new. And I'd buy the metal/plastic whichever was cheaper/I could get. I will say I've found Wyrd's plastics to generally be a pain to put together, but that can change with time.
  15. Stepfan

    Filling out a McMourning crew

    I've found Molly amazing with McMourning if only for Terrible Secret so he almost always hits and is harder to hit back if it lives. A movement buff isn't bad either. Starting with a Flesh Construct on the field can also be a great idea, and you'll need at least one to summon anyways. You'll also want a Rouge Necromancy to summon at some point.