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  1. The mafia feel certainly gets reinforced by Toni's role, almost as a mafia enforcer. She is let loose by Ramos to keep rogue arcanists in check, as seen in her confrontation with Raethford, and 'bully' adepts into 'membership' All for the greater good of the Arcanist/M&SU, but definitely with a Mafia "make them an offer they can't refuse" feel
  2. Ammanas

    M2E Ironsides

    Loving the fact Toni now has a built in Tome for her GSMT trigger.
  3. Ammanas

    Abbysinian Strats and Rules

    I'm purely extrapolating here but their AdvancedPrototypes rule reads as if they get more Assets (and free) per unit than other Allegiances. And doing it in the scouting phase means you can suddenly alter a units strengths or cover a weakness after your opponent has already sized you up. That an it would appear that Assets can be used for damage reduction (from what I've seen in the Gameplay video) I'm getting a very space marine vibe. Fewer in number, more versatile and resilient
  4. Ammanas

    Abbysinian Strats and Rules

    Cheers! we can now add the Dreadnought to this now. Feeling much better about my attraction to this allegiance now I see what makes them tick. Love the heavy asset look
  5. Ammanas

    Abyssinia Image Previews

    It's the 40k Ork killer Kan look that puts me off. For the cav its the complete absence of tech in a advance tech army that throes me. As for the Mechanised Infantry with the 2 models per fire team I imagine it's purely a survivability thing as we now know it only takes 1 damage to take out a model
  6. Ammanas

    Abbysinian Strats and Rules

    Hey Gang! Apart from the brief snap shots in the video do we have any further thoughts on the skills and play-style of our steam-punk wakadans?
  7. Ammanas

    Abyssinia Image Previews

    Loving everything but the Calvary and Steel Legion.
  8. Ammanas

    Viks as a Side Project

    Building from this, is Parker and gang a crew that would synergise with the Viks? I like the sounds of Parkers Scheme marker shennanigans and the cowboy thing. So as a 2 part question. Would Hired Swords, Fist full of Scrip, Vaness and potential some Convict Gunslingers work well as a hire pool, and would that be all a casual gamer need for Outcasts to cover most strat/schemes and have a little variation from Arcanist style of play?
  9. Ammanas

    Mei Feng's M2E Cards

  10. Ammanas

    Mei Feng's M2E Cards

    Price of Progress Vopormancy Seismic Claws Thunderous Smash People's Challenge Hard Worker So these are the relevant upgrade cards? the generic 10T upgrades I can't use unless I declare 10T's of which I have none but the Rail Crew
  11. Ammanas

    Mei Feng's M2E Cards

    The other question is, as I'm looking into PoD as well, what upgrade cards are in the m2e box
  12. Ammanas

    Mei Feng's M2E Cards

    Hey 10T Brain Trust! I'm an Arcanist player how recently picked up a Rail Crew box 2nd hand, that came with 1.5ed cards. I've been told that the M2E cards are in the 10T Wave 1 Arsenal deck but this seems to now be out of print. Any advice on where else I find them? (apart from print on demand) Cheers
  13. Ammanas

    Hoarcat Pride outside of Marcus?

    I use a Hoarcat with Raspy for mobility, and quick, hard hitting a Minion. Also the above mentioned Devour synergy. Doubt I'd take more than 1 though
  14. Ammanas

    Viks as a Side Project

    If Vanessa wasnt a factoring partof the decision?