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New Video Bat Rep Yan Lo Vs Marcus 50ss

David Blank

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An enjoyable report, blair witch beginning aside, and a good game. The tide turned fast on Monica there, I though that mauler was a hardy beast?

Just a run down on what you brought (for instance during the showing of deployment) would be great.

All in all good stuff guy/gal keep'em coming :)

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Nice battle report, I like it a lot.  The scenery looks great too.


Good work getting the Toshiro summoning engine working. I like him for positives flips all over your minions but I always find I need to blow a soulstone if I want to actually summon an Ashigaru.  I also find him hard to put in with all the other ancestors as they aren't minions and therefore gain no benefit from Toshiro.  Soul Porter is always great.  Even if it dies (not hard to achieve, but he's not a high threat piece) pushing Toshiro, Yin or Izamu forward a few times a game is worth it for me.

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Hey!  First off, thanks for making this, I really appreciate the work that goes into them.  I find the batrep material sorely lacking in the Malifaux community and this certainly helps!


I am not a huge fan of video reports unless they are those time elapsed narrated versions but I enjoyed yours and will certainly continue watching any more you make.


That was just down right crazy with those INI flips matching suits and all...  if only the next one was and got caught on video!


Rules Question:  Twice during the game I think you mention that Ama No Zako made a model attack itself?  You can't take Attack Actions targeting yourself unless a rule overrides it and I don't think Promising Whispers (or Obey) have that stipulation...  so not sure Ama can make models attack themselves?


Thanks again and look forward to the next one!

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