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Burt Jebsen - Final Rules


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OK, so it seems our ruffian has gained a few boosts:

1.) Wp boosted from 5 to 7.

2.) Knife gains the Sic 'em, Girl! trigger and the built-in suit needed for it.

3.) Pepperbox loses 2" of range but gains a :blast icon on moderate damage and the Sic 'em Girl! trigger as well.



Personally, I think these are pretty excellent changes.  The Wp buff very simply boosts his flavor of being too dumb to be scared, without a lot of specific text/abilities to accomplish it.  It also allows him to fulfill a specific crew role by being a 7ss drop with high Wp.


The new trigger on his attacks give him some cross-synergy with Pigs, including Gracie, which I think players wanted.


I'm somewhat concerned that he'll out-compete Raphael as a mid-range shooter, but with the slightly shorter range and lack of Dumb Luck that may be less of an issue than it appears at first glance.  They share some overlap, but they're different models overall.

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Yeah Burt actually ended up pretty solid and his new synergi with pigs(Gracie) was exactly what I was looking for, so I might be a bit sad about Gracie but at least they got Burt fixed :)


With their newfound affinity you can latch a Saddle onto Gracie and have her cart Burt around too :)


So you can have Gracie move him into position, then have him Charge or shoot in only to call her in via Sic 'em Girl!, where she can proceed to tear them a new one when she Reactivates.

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Still would take Fran over Burt since they are the same cost and seem to fulfill the same role. Raph is a ranged model as evidenced by his horrid Ml stat.

For pure damage/threat output?  Sure.  But I feel Burt is probably a better "tank" than any of the LaCroix.  He doesn't have Use Soulstone like Francois, but I think with Slippery, HtK, and It's All in the Reflexes he's probably a more imposing target still. Also with Critical Strike and Loose Trigger his individual damage potential does not require damaging himself, which frees up resources that you'd spend on healing those self-inflicted wounds.


Add on top of his utility with Crackerjack Timing and Sic 'em Girl! and I think he's a very competitive choice.  The role-differentiation that I see are:

- Francois = Total glass cannon.  Greatest damage output potential but with high risk/reward.

- Raphael = Mid-range shooter with similar mechanics, but a bit heartier with Armor and HtK.

- Rami = High-range, low-damage sniper.

- Burt = Frontline scrapper with both melee and shooting capabilities, with lower overall potential but lower risk as well.



I don't see a "best" choice between Francois, Raphael, and Burt.   I see different choices with different tradeoffs, and that's a good place to be I think.  You may always choose Francois, but that doesn't mean the others aren't valid options.  It's more of a personal preference, I feel.

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Burt looks so solid that I could cry.

Our little guy is all grown up.

He feels exactly in line with his character and fits a pretty little niche in my crew.

With Gracie/saddle/dirty cheater, I see this pairing going far!

The movement shenanigans are exactly what I was looking for.

His slippery ability becomes infinitely more valuable when you have a tank like Gracie nearby so darn near always.

That little bit of synergy (and fluffiness of) Sic em Girl! made Burt a solid choice with Gracie in a lot of my crews.

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