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Vanessa -v2 cards?


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so, i've already painted and played a bit with my outcast crew:




and picked up Vanessa after hearing she's got some form of healing ability . useful for the Viks.

but my LGS ordered her in for me, but she must be old stock as she's got a v1 card


is there somewhere i download a card, even if it's beta so i can play some games? i already bought the Outcast Arsenal Deck and use maybe 9 cards out of the lot; do i have to wait for the 2nd arsenal deck before i can use new things?

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In just over a week, the final wave 2 cards will be downloadable - no art, but the rules will be set and not beta. If you want the shiny plastic card, the avatar, and i think a new faction upgrade, then you'll likely end up wanting the faction deck for wave 2. That won't be out for a while though, so until then the downloadable cards will be the way to go.

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Completely off-topic, but I love the way you did the alternate sculpt Viks, this is probably the best I've seen them painted. I had not been a fan of the sculpt, so never bought it, but the detail that you pulled out makes them look nice. Might buy them, so I have all 3 versions of the Viks.

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