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Malifaux players in the Chorley, Leyland, Bolton, Preston area (uk)

Paul Turner

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Hi folks,

Just wondering if any of you folks play malifaux in these areas?

I've managed to find four locals so far and we play every two weeks on a wed in the centre of Chorley, in a very relaxed and social environment.

Would love to meet, discuss, and play with other local malifaux enthusiasts in the local vicinity?

interested pm me or have a look at the new website at :-


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Apologies magic pockets, didn't see your reply until now!!!

You would be more than welcome to dip in and out whenever you come up North to see your folks!!!

We always have malifaux going on so there's no issue about getting a game - just give us a weeks notice so we can plan who will play you*happy**happy*

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Hi ive been looking for players of mali.

Usualy i go to a place called portcullis. wich has become a magic gathering dosshouse.

How active is your club and would a few extra players be welcome ? :-)

Hi Zodak,

We play every two weeks on a wed night. There is always a game or two of malifaux, and yes we have room for a few more regulars, so you would be welcome down.

First night is always free and we will ensure you get to game. The only thing we request is that you tell us your coming down a good few day before the night on our forum. This helps us to plan ahead making sure everyboby gets a game, and that we can fit everybody in. The link to website is on the original post, and from there you can find the forum (its a pretty basic affair!).

Send me a pm if you need ay further info, but hopefully we will see you down soon*happy**happy*

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