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Spawn Mother Tactics

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I'm still trying to piece that together myself.

Seems like the Silurid in general work best with either Zoraida or Marcus.

Spawn Mother and Gupps definitely seem more useful when you have at least three regular Silurid in your Crew as well.

I'm still trying to figure it out, but I think how it works is this:

The Silurid are hit-and-run fighters.

The Spawn Mother creates kind of a "Base" that raises their walk (since it's water), produces new units (with Egg Counters), and most importantly is easy for the Silurid to get back to.

The Gupps can do some things to shepherd the Silurid around. Fish-herd. Whatever. They can do Juvenile Wail to bring the Silurid closer, and if they die the Spawn Mother comes for revenge.

If I understand the tactics right, I think that the point is for the Spawn Mother to establish the Spawning Pool in a key location (ideally, near an objective), and the Silurid to do hit-and-run attacks from there.

If they do everything right, they can Jump forward, Charge an enemy, and then Push away a total of 10" (6" for Self Preservation and 4" if they are carrying a Corpse Counter) back to the Spawning Pool.

The Spawn Mother sits at the Spawning Pool, making ranged attacks and slicing at anyone who comes close.

Gupps either move forward to pull the basic Silurid up into a fight (and probably get killed and become useful Corpse Counters) or help the Silurid bounce from place to place with Juvenile Wail.

Basically Spawn Mother changes the Silurid from a roaming pack of harm-causers into a circle of bouncing attacks radiating out from the spawn pool, which can also create some very expendable and weak Gupps to help with mobility.

I think.

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One of the people in our group recently picked up the Spawn Mother and a Gupps blister *and found out he really needs to get another Gupps blister*. He is going to use them with Marcus at least for the moment but he might use them with Zoraida.

One thing we were looking at as we passed around the card and debated was how to get the corpse counters soon enough in the game to make a difference. With the making of the spawning pool an All action it means that even if you get into position turn 1 somehow, it will take the entire turn two for the Spawn mother to make its pool. And you need to start early with the whole Gupp production if it is going to make a deference in the long run. One thing that was brought up was possible taking some Malifaux Raptors. As they are 40mm base they yield 2 corpse counters upon death for 2ss. Would give you an early gupp base at the cost of a relatively low ss cost. You can also smack on your own Jackalope for another counter early on.

Another thing to consider is McTavish, have not looked into him much myself but I heard he is pretty good for beasts. With a Beast Obey of sorts he might help early on get the Spawn Mother into position, can give out Scout, and has a decent gun to be able to give range threats if you don't want him moving far from the spawn pit and objective *if you can get the spawn pool near any objective*. Also with the ability to fight in melee and get fast on command he can produce a decent number of shots or melee.

Thing you are going to have to be careful of is that certain forces will just not give you any corpse counters from there guys for you to use, which is why having your own way to generate a few might be important. I would consider making sure you have another, very different, crew on the standby and make sure to mix it up enough they can't always predict when you will use the Spawn mother with her swarm.

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