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  1. I know I may be playing against my kids lol. I couldn’t pass it up for $75.00. There’s a strong Malifaux group here so hoping one will join TOS.
  2. Just bought this deal on eBay! The full Cult of the Burning Man Kickstarter Pledge all for $75.00! Im worried the game is dying? Seems to be a lot of stuff on sale.
  3. I was wondering if the Limited Edition Stitched Togethers would be available? I can seem to find those 3 models anywhere? The ones that look like little Teddy bears.
  4. I’m looking for a package of 3 Bear-ly Together new. I’m willing to give up a lot for these 3 models. All of these Models for the 3 Bears! All models are brand new on Sprue. Buyer needs to pay shipping that’s it! Full Box Set Rail Crew Toshiro Fire Golem Fitzsimmons Saboteurs x2 Miss Anne Thrope
  5. Hello I have been hearing that all Malifaux Models will be available to purchase individually through the Wyrd Store in September? Is this true? If so can someone explain to me how it’s going to work and which and what models one can buy? Thanks
  6. I am looking to sell or trade some Malifaux stuff. See the auctions below. I would trade for the following models new on sprue as well. Molly, Necrotic Machine, Archie, Mourner A and B, Manos, the Risen, Mortimer, Grave Golem, Grave Digger, Bone Pile, Sun Quiang, Aionus, Komainu A and B and Gracie. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Backdraft-Fire-Golem-Fitzsimmons-Saboteurs-x2-/113723689976 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Rail-Crew-/113723690272 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Toshiro-the-Daimyo-/113723690591 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Limited-Edition-Miss-Anne-Thrope-Wastrel-/113723690918 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Limited-Edition-Miss-Step-Steamborg-Executioner-/113723691109 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Skirmish-Box-Custom-Dog-Might-Games-Kickstarter-/113723691334 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Hamelin-Crew-Studio-Pro-Painted-Limited-/113723691597 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Collodi-Crew-Studio-Pro-Painted-Limited-/113723691797
  7. I have a brand new in Box Mei Feng Crew I would trade straight up just for Molly and then Necrotic Machine models only, just the two models. And if you would pay the shipping of the box set to you.
  8. Does anyone know if there’s going to be anything else on the Guild Store? The selection has been the same for sometime be nice to see some change.
  9. Oh Ok I thought those books were out before the new core rules. thanks
  10. Id like to purchase more than the Core Rules which books work with the new edition? Is there anything I should know before purchasing.
  11. Do you still have the McMourning Avatar?
  12. Wondering if there was a plan to have 3rd Edition Tokens made up from Wyrd instead of Independent Sources? Example the 11 Conditions.
  13. Why is Levi losing Pariah of Iron?
  14. Wondering if you could help me out with some Seamus / Reva lists? I have pretty much every model avaiable as well. You seem to have a ot of good thoughts and experience with them. Thank you 

  15. you can buy them from Gazdooks Gaming
  16. Hey guys selling some Malifaux stuff, have a look. All models new in the box, Rail Crew was opened to verify condition as new and no damage to the cards. Toshiro, The Daimyo $10.00 Rail Crew $25.00 Miss Anne Thrope $25.00 Miss Step $25.00 The Dreamer Foil Card $25.00
  17. Metal Gamin bud? It's a fun list, I've had good success with the list, 3 Teddies is scary backed up with Metal protection and healing. Try it.
  18. I would go with this, Run 3 Teddies with Leveticus and slap Oath Keeper on them and chase them down with 1-3 Metal Gamin giving them protection! Teddies Regenerate the 2 wounds they take from magnetizing metal gamin as well. Outcasts - 50ss Crew Leveticus -- 2SS Cache +Pariah of Iron - 1ss Hollow Waif - 0ss Hollow Waif - 0ss Teddy - 11ss +Oath Keeper - 1ss Teddy - 11ss +Oath Keeper - 1ss Teddy - 11ss +Oath Keeper - 1ss Metal Gamin - 4ss Metal Gamin - 4ss Metal Gamin - 4ss
  19. Wondering is there a site to see some of these guys lists? I can see all the standings but id be curious to see some of these lists.
  20. Wondering will there ever be a Nightmare Teddy (Old Metal one) Card (Updated Version)
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