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"Hi" from cheetor


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Hi everyone

I am a miniature gamer that has been painting since the eighties. I have had my eye on Malifaux and Wyrd for a few years. I bought the Lady Justice box set a while back but never properly took the plunge and painted them.

I recently identified another Malifaux player locally so I am hoping to get some advice from the folks around here as I start playing and painting.

See you around.


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Greetings cheetor from another guy who's been painting since the eighties (52 now.) I'm painting Dead Justice right now just got the original Justice crew and the scales to do next as I'm having such fun with the zombified versions. And I've had Lilith and the Nephs since they were released (Werner Klocke fan) but could never figure out what I wanted to do with them (they've been primered for years now.)

Looking forward to seeing your stuff and although I've yet to play the rules mechanics are very impressive (and I've seen a lot of rules systems) as is the background fluff so I hope you enjoy it around here as much as I do.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

Looking forward to seeing your stuff

I paint to a pretty decent tabletop quality, but I am far from a competition or display level painter. Some recently painted examples below (I have been on a bit of of a Judge Dredd kick lately:





I hope to have Lady Justice and co done within the next couple of weeks (my first game is planned for February 15th). When I get them done I post them up somewhere around here.

Don't forget to post up where you are

Done :)

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I'd argue you're a bit above "tabletop quality." I'd be thrilled if my next painting efforts turned out like those.

Thanks for the kind words.

I have settled on a painting level that gives me results that I can be satisfied with, involving the minimum amount of work: after amassing so many miniatures over the years I am now interested in turnover so the process needs to be reasonably fast.

That does mean that upon close inspection (like in photos) all I ever tend to see are the errors made and shortcuts taken, but on the tabletop they look fine. I tend to see that level as a sort of "solid tabletop" quality, but YMMV of course :)

I started painting my Lady Justice set last night. I hope to get them finished and photographed over the next week or so. I will post them up in the appropriate part of the forum not long after that I hope.

The old school Imperial Assassin looks like some sort of elite Cobra specialist with that paint scheme :)

I never thought of that. He does look quite Cobra, no bad thing really :)

I actually saw that miniature painted in blue with the white "socks" somewhere online and liked it, so I loosely copied it. It makes a nice change from the almost inevitable blacks.

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