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Base protection

Huang Da Wei

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Do you use anything on your bases to protect them and hopefully stop damage and chipping from resin bases.

I have black felt in 30mm size for mine, they glue perfectly to resin bases and with a litle care and patience can even be stuck to plastic ones.


we will be selling these soon from our ebay store and also adding 40mm and 50mm too

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Don't take this the wrong way but i honestly can't decide if i love this or not

On the one hand i can see them sliding easily on Terraclips and i've never really worried about chipping resin bases from the bottom

But on the other hand it's a nice look, i can see it helping to keep a model in place on other terrain, it'll stop rough edges on bases potentially damaging Terraclips terrain over time... and it'll certainly lessen the likelihood of resin bases chipping on terrain

Yeah... so not sure if i'll buy them, but, what's your ebay store?

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I would love these if they had the satisfying *thud* of wooden chess pieces with the felt on the bottom. haha.

that being said, i don't dislike the idea at all, but with the terrain i usually play on, i don't know how practical this would be... for me anyway. I'm sure someone will like em though. =]

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I like adding felt pads to my bases (used to do it to all of my Warmachine bases). They can help keep models from slipping off of flocked hills and terrain and to me make the model look finished (cant say why).

The only problem I see is that they are going to have to be pretty cheap to compete with just buying a few sheets of adhesive felt and cutting your own (especially when you factor in Shipping).

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yeah, pricing is an issue. ebay stores have minimum sell of 99p and postage in the UK would cost us at least 50p, whereas overseas is nearly £2 and thats before the prices rises due in the next month or two.

the items themselves are cheap enough and cut by machine so they are better than cutting felt by hand(i tried)

oh well, at least my 100 or so models are looking sweet

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