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Malifaux Tournament - CincyCon - Cincinnati, OH - 3 MAR 2012


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Art of War will be sponsoring the Malifaux tournament at CincyCon this year. Saturday, March 3, 2012, the tournament will begin at 11am on Sat and should be over by 5pm-6pm. Details are below - don't miss out! Pre-registrations will begin shortly on the CincyCon website.

40ss Domination Tournament

Saturday, March 3, 2012

11:00am Start

- 3 rounds

- 40ss Scrap

- Single faction

- Fixed Shared Strategies

- All Schemes, useable once

- Official Wyrd rules (No proxies, crews need to be painted)

- Tournament will be capped at 20 people

- Prizes for the top 3 players

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Spoke with CincyCon regarding registering for the tournament. If you have pre-register for the Con, you may send them the events you would like to play and they will reserve a spot for you and pass along your information to the event coordinator. You may also register at the event too, but I am to give priority to those who registered through CincyCon for seating. I will start taking registrations the day of the event at 10:30am.

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We will be doing demos Friday and Sunday, but no tournaments. Last year the convention was only the one day and I had 6 people show for the tournament. If I fill it this year, I will plan for more events next year now that the convention is 3 days. From the feedback I am hearing, this will likely be a full event!

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Someone else was talking about this in another thread. I hope I can make it! I know its not terribly expensive but im way broke heh

If you are only coming for the Malifaux tournament, you are looking at $12 for the day ($7 to get in the door, and $5 for the tournament).

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