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So I've been looking at a base list that I like. I really feel like the, aster can be interchanged with sonnia or ladyJ. Thoughts?

Insert master here

Lucius, drill sergeant

Guild austringer

Guild austringer



Its meant for 35 point games. For 2 more stones you could throw in an avatar for either master

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I would argue that perdita would be better then soina, the witch hunter needs a large pile of ss to be effective.

Lady J is the clear winner here, with her inspiring swordplay plus lucius gaurd boost on his turn you get crazy large CB. But you need a hard hitter so lady j fits the bill. Though I would look at adding an executioner. Also with lady j, the govs proxy is a great totem he can cast the melee expert spell for the lady.

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Lot of ways you can go. I'm a huge fan of lucius as a master but that's up to you. Exorcist is ok but i'd drop him from this list and make points for Hopkins if the goal is to include lady j. Inspiring swordplay will pair well with his deathstar laser, i mean pistol. It would also be decent with Ryle too.

Watcher's ok but since your already covering your CB with bonuses from Lady J and Lucius poking around for good cards is not needed. Also, if you go with Perdita same thing, she gives you hand manipulation.

I'd say Perdita or Lady J if you don't want Lucius as a master. Just watch Lady J, in this list it seems like she'll be all alone in the front lines.

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I generally prefer Justice with a Lucius setup, but this past weekend I played against Kirai using Sonnia and Lucius. Justice would have been a terrible choice because we flipped shared deliver a message but I wanted Lucius because he offers one of the only movement tricks guild has access to. I cast reinforcements four times in the game while Sonnia sat back and nuked anything that got near attempting to deliver the message. Game ended 8-2 in my favor.

Basically what I'm saying is that while i agree that Justice generally works best with Lucius, always think about attacking your strategy. If you think the circumstances are right for Sonnia or Perdita, don't be afraid to try using either one with Lucius.

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