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How many rats do I need to base up for Hamelin the plagued?


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Hey all, painting up a hamelin crew, Currently making some sewer bases for the lot of them. It's easier if I do them all together, between batch painting and instantmould, so, I ask the malifaux gods...

How many rats do I need to paint up? I'll normally be running 25-35ss, probably not much more, and I'll be picking up ratcatchers, currently have 4 stolen, nix, and hamelin.

It's a toughie really, but how many do you have? is it enough? do you wish you had a few more?


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The easy answer: as many as you can afford.

The problem with offering a definate total number for them is that it depends, you get one anytime an Obedient Wretch or The Stolen is killed or sacrificed and everytime a model is killed within the range of a model with Voracious Rats. You can quickly have a massive ammount on the field in addition to any that you started with. I know Ratty has a ton of them.

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