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Perdita and Crew in a week.


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Bombed through my first crew for a demo of Malifaux this Saturday. I probably should have spent more time on them....but hate playing with unpainted figs.

Anyway, I started assembly last Friday evening and with a couple of hours a night managed to get them all done in a little less than a week.

Going to spend some more time on my Criid crew.

Any comments are always welcome.


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They look great. I stumbled across them here before WCP. THe uniformity across the group looks very striking. As I said before, I love how the blending with the painted dip looks. Lots of depth but none of the strange build up that often happens with dip. My girlfriend is making up a Perdita crew just now, I will show her this tomorrow for some inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks all.

f this is what you can do in a week, I can only imagine what you do when taking your time

Hmmm maybe my original post sounded like I was bragging....

I did put in a ton of effort to get these done on time. I just see some things I should have slowed down on (skin tones and hair).

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