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Lawyer-Cassandra Question


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Mind you, the only time where these guys can combo is in a Marcus crew, and it just so happens that that's what I was thinking of putting them in.

Anyway, scenario:

1) Lawyer prosecutes Cass (She is now non-friendly for the rest of the game)

2) Random friendly (say... cerberus) gets wounded

3a) Cass Elegances her "enemy" cererbus, healing at least 2 wounds. Marcus gains an SS

3b) Raptor beastizes Cass and Marcus can alpha her (as an enemy beast).

Are these outcomes possible?

I've been scowering the rules and the forums and haven't come up with a definitive answer. I've read solid arguments in both directions.

On the one hand, Cass would still meet the requirements of "friendly" (she was hired by Marc's crew and it under his control). On the other... the Lawyer's ability has to have some effect on gameplay. Where does that effect stop? It would prevent me from Myranda/Marcus-healing her, pack-leadering her to make her activate next, or Shikome-Hunting Partnering her.

The question is where exactly the line is. The more specific question is this:

Is "non-friendly" equivalent to "enemy?"

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I would say no. Prosecute removes the trait 'friendly' for purposes of selecting a target. Because the ability specifically says when 'friendly' doesn't count, the model is still considered friendly.

Think of the Prosecute effect as saying "this model may not be targeted by any ability which requires this model to be friendly"

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