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Good online Brush supply store?


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I would also suggest DickBlick. Not only do they have every brush you could imagine, they also have any accessory you can think of, and many you couldn't. And they have fairly reasonable prices on just about everything. You can also pick up the Reaper Brushes from most internet gaming suppliers, while not as nice as W&N, they are decent brushes and somewhat affordable.

They have a retail store here in Metro Detroit, I've been meaning to head over there but they have hours that don't particularly match up with mine =/

Any particular reason for synthetic brushes?I've always found them to be more trouble than anything else.

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I have recently begun to adopt the concept of changing brushes between every miniature, sometimes every two (only for small skirmish games like malifaux) where I really want the model to look great. I find that while in the long run synthetics broke down worse then naturals, in the short term they apply the paint smoother and hold together tighter for detail work.

Now for my skaven, I use natural brushes cause theres 400 of them or so to paint.

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