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A Ridiculous Teddy List


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I've tried this before and it can work! 3 Teddys means more lovin! Is your list at 40ss? If yes then the Teddys will effect your ss count and allow you to drop some Daydreams in.

I like Kade but I'd swap him out for more nightmares just to make objectives work better. I'd add some Alps for that reason and to slow down any counterstrike on your Teddy mob.

Try this @40ss:

Dreamer 5 Cache

Teddy x3

Alp X3

Daydreams X2

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Is your list at 40ss?
Actually the list above is at 35ss. It's the standard size game we have.

Hmm. I hadn't thought of seriously creating this list... but it seems that it's actually really effective from what people say.

Perhaps later on, I'll have to experiment.

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I've run this list a few times and learnt the dreamer is nothing without his day dreams. Personally i would take:


3 x daydreams 6ss

3x teddy 27ss

This give you a ss pool of 7 (5 from nightmares and 2 from left over)

I dont want to push your list out this is just what i use.

Yup this is my standard list when I want to use a lot of Teddies. The main thing is you need the Daydreams for the Dreamer to function well and with so few models you want a lot of Daydreams (3 being the max) so you have a lot of options for dropping them in and getting them out.

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