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For the eyes I had originally planned on filing down the sculpted eyes and finding some little googly eyes to glue on, but even the smallest googly eyes I found were too big. So I just decided to paint them a little lopsided. It was a careful balance of "not right" and "not too wrong".

I'd like to incorporate more Sesame Street/Muppet characters into my Dreamer crew, but I'm not sure where they would fit. Currently I'm trying to sculpt some Doozers for my Daydreams, but my sculpting ability is proving to be inadequate =o/

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A Daydream, perched upon a pile of balls:


Pretty happy with him, and the base, but I'm going to have to make future bases with the model in mind, as there wasn't really anywhere to perch him properly. But since the Daydreams are spirits, him sort of lazily floating around isn't too bad.

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