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marcus suits


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For a Marcus crew those :rams are generally good for healing. But as Scurry says, you don't necessarily need to have a specific use for every suit. It's more important to avoid having 2+ models in your crew that compete for the same high suit to use their best spells/triggers.

If you want a use for those rams though, your options are;

- December Acolyte (Drag trigger)

- Myranda (Hahaha, just kidding! ;) )

- Steamborg Executioner (Decapitate Trigger)

- Convict Gunslinger (Faster'n You)

- Hans (Custom Ammo)

- Bishop (all kinds of things)

- Misaki (Thunder)

- Guild Hounds (Source of Blood, although it's situational)

- Mechanical Rider (Drag Trigger)

- All of the Freikorps bar the Trapper (Damage triggers or the libby's healing spell)

- Desperate Merc (Critical strike)

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