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ranged options for marcus


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hi guys, im lookign ot give marcus some ranged punch, and i wonderd what your opinions are

trapper, 7ss

i mention this guy because he is good against beasts (might need pairing with a raptor) but i dont know if its enough

kearis, 8ss

some more ss use, and some nice little abillitys, but costly and not beasty

gunsmith, 6ss

theas guys are just plain cool in my opinion, not perfect synergy with marcus, but one nice trick it hitting him with a raptor to make him a beast and letting him use hard way all in one go

convict gunslinger, 6ss

we all know this guy, bit ugly though

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I've yet to try any ranged options with Marcus, but I think the Trapper has the most potential. Having a sniper is handy plus you can make enemy models Beasts with Marcus and the Raptor for the :+fate flip. He's also not bad in melee, has good resiliance and can give your other models Scout if needed.

The only negative is that you can't take any other special forces or mercs, so if you're after additional shooting minions it might be worth considering the Gunsmith and Convict Gunslinger instead.

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