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One master or many in a tournament?


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There is a tournament coming up in June in the UK where the list rules are 1 faction, 55 SS pool of troops and four 35 SS games.

Would you take one master and a lot of crew choices or two (or more) masters with less choices on each crew?

e.g. Take Lilith was lots of nephilim and select the best configuration for the opposing faction/table/mission


Take Lilith and Pandora, with an appropriate crew for each, and select the best master for the opposing faction/table/mission?

I've currently got myself into an 'analysis paralysis' loop :decision: and need a :slap: or a fresh perspective!

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I guess it depends on which masters you have available to you. A lot of the Neverborn stuff do overlap pretty well. I assume that the Master is not included in your 55 SS pool. So I would certainly start out by building the 35 SS crew that you feel the most comfortable with, and is the best for the majority of the scenarios you might have to play. Then I would look at the scenarios where you are the weakest, and figure out what extras you'd need to add to make up for it. If it happens that your pool of Minions would work well with multiple masters, then I would say make sure you bring them.

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With 55 points you can take quite a few models that work well with multiple masters.

Something like:

2x Stitched Togethers (10)

3x Alps (9)

2x Insidious Madnesses (4)

Lelu & Lilitu (14)

Coppelius (9)

Then take totems and Master Specific stuff:

2x Daydreams (4)

Poltergeist (2)

Sorrow (3)

That'll let you have a competitive crew loadout for Pandora, The Dreamer and a decent (not perfectly optimal) crew for Zoraida (Zoraida summons the Voodoo Doll, so I'm assuming that doesn't count towards your 55 points). Also, on the point of summoning, LCB/The Dreamer can summon another Daydream if needed and Coppelius and the Alps can summon more Alps too.

Now, I will admit you are missing the big heavy hitters like the Mature Nephilim, Teddy and the Bad Juju, and you are missing the speed that Lilith brings to the table. You do however have some pretty heavy damage potential from the Stitched, Lelu and Coppelius, and you get all the fun control elements from the Alps, Lilitu and the Madnesses, while having 3 different Masters to choose from.

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I appreciate all the comments so far and to help focus things further...

I've played Lilith the most but I also have a full Dreamer crew available as well as Pandora, Zoraida, all the woes apart from the sorrows, the Hooded Rider and a few mercenaries.

I'm also fortunate in that if there is a particular miniature(s) I need, that I don't currently have, I can get it.

My difficulty, apart from the dodgy area between my ears, is getting practice games as I live in a rural area.

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