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Ashes and Dust gettin' Treasure


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So I've heard from some people that Ashes and Dust is super fast, but i'm just not seeing it. Like people say they can get Ashes and Dust to get the treasure counter back to their deployment zone on the first turn. How could they do something like this. And if the Master is important then I would like to know how I could do something like this with levi or Nicodem (although I could just use the necropunks). I'd just like to be able to make a defensive list that doesn't care about making sure the treasure gets back in 1 turn.

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there aint alot of people out there that i know of that run the ashes and dust but i believe it has something to do with the Consort ability and pulling the ashes around using the your Steampunks and engines

The way I would do it is say get a desolation engine to drag SPA's up get them to walk and collect the treasure first turn, then contort the Ashes across and drag the SPA's back...

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