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Coming Back to the Game


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Hey everyone. I've been on a pretty HUGE Hiatus from Malifaux since last year. I'm looking to continue on playing my guild, and am curious as to what purchases I need to make to be caught back up.

My current collection includes:

Lady Justice


Death Marshall x6


I'm planning on picking up:

Sonnia Creed

Witchling Stalker x3

Samael Hopkins

Austringer x1

Scales of Justice

Purifying Flame

I'm not really interested in the Ortegas. Should I look into the Peacekeeper or Guild Guard?

Just looking for any insight into what will help me play somewhat optimized lists.

Thanks everyone!

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I would go with the Peacekeeper over the Guild Guard. But that is a personal preference.

I know you said no Ortegas but that makes Nino and Santiago cry :)

There is some new stuff coming out here shortly as well that might be worth checking out. Ryle already has been mentioned, but Lucius is also probably a good add.

Have you bought the 2nd book yet?

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