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Good Res Box To Start With


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I want to pick up a crew box for a buddy as a Christmas present and i know that he is a fan of undead themed stuff when it comes to gaming. So which Resurrectionist box set would have the easiest learning curve. I've been buying Guild minis, another friend has Lillith's Brood and a few odds and ends and I'm trying to get another friend into it and he's really liking the Gremlins at the moment.


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I think Seamus is the best crew out of the box, most of the others need lots of other stuff to be viable. Douglas needs at least a couple of packs of dogs and probably some Necropunks, Kirai needs a couple of packs of Seishin and at least 1 pack of Gaki (probably 2) and Nicodem needs tonnes of zombies.

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The answer to your question has to be Seamus.

His boxs is fairly selfcontained and does rather well for a starting crew - it's straightforward, but still have decent amount of tricks up the sleeves to be learned and refined later on.

Some people don't really like the zombie hooker theme though (especially dear Sybelle).

Why the others aren't as suitable:

Nicodem - can summon most undead models and to make the most of him he therefore needs a ton of models, he can also seem a bit fragile at first. Steeper learning curve.

Douglas - have a rather useless box crew (in itself anyway), and will thus need several reinforcements to make it even decent (Hookers and Canines on top of the list imo). He's a mix between a melee beatstick and a summoner (but can only summon a few different models - so not the same issue as Nicodem) and is fairly easy to play, as long as you keep activation order in mind that is.

Kirai - most complex playstyle of the Ressers, she also needs 4 more Seishin and some Gaki after buying her box for her to be played properly.

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