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Advice for a game against Perdita (Ophelia)


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So, a draw went up for a tournament I'm in soon, and I'm drawn against Perdita, using Ophelia.

I haven't played against guild in months (and thus not with my ophelia), and never get perdita.

So just looking for some general hints and tips, it's 30SS for definite, and his nominated 15 SS is;





And my nominated 15;


2 x Young LaCroix

2 x Gremlin


So the only thing I seem to have on my side, AT ALL, is numbers. Everything else seems against?

Models available;

- About 16 gremlins

- Another Young

- The whole family

- Slop Hauler.

So I'm thinking the slop hauler is a no brainer, along with maybe francois or raphael, then just max out.

But I have literally no idea!

Cheers guys!

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Since you have so many Gremlins anyway, try running Ophelia with the Gremlin gun line. You'd be surprised how much damage they can ouput when focusing fire on one target at a time. Also if you use "Like hearding squirrels" they can be very diffucult to engage in melee. I ran it quite a bit successfully.

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Its my normal style, well, sort of. I like using rami and one other, and usually the slop hauler.

What's target priority vs 'Dita in her usual builds?

It really depends on a number of factors: opportunity, board position, victory conditions, etc. However, here are some general thoughts:

If the opportunity presents itself to splash a Young Lacroix with the Slop Hauler such that you can cheat the damage flip to get the Blast and paint Perdita with it that should likely be your #1 opportunity at all times IMO. She is an absolutely devastating model and with Df:8 even your best Cb models like Rami and Ophelia will have problems with her. Not to mention she'll punish you for any bad draws against her with shooting. If you can get that combo off, preferably with some liberal use of Companion (Kin) so that Rami or someone can take shots at her immediately that's your best bet.

After that you're going to want to target probably Papa Loco because you'll have a high number of models and his AOE will hurt you much more than Som'er since you can't re-summon lost bros. Santiago has similarly destructive AOE capabilities, so don't underestimate that. He's also harder to take down so don't forget about Hard to Kill or you might find yourself eating lead that you thought you had time to prevent.

Nino is a very powerful model but probably not that high of a priority since you have the ranged firepower to answer his bite. You'll probably lose several models to him while you take down the more immediate threats, just try to mitigate that by making sure they are your cheap and expendable models. Nino also has very little in the way of protection so if you can get a Bayou Gremlin in range you might consider trying to pop him in one shot with Y'all Watch This!.

Francisco and the Nephilim will probably be your lowest priorities. Francisco seems best suited for taking out large, high Wd models...of which you have none. And the Nephilim's only real threat is Obey but if you can take Perdita out he'll lose that.

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